How To Prevent Hair Loss & Thining : Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women

When women start to lose their hair they become very vulnerable and distressed. Losing your hair can feel like a loss of vitality or femininity. It can be difficult when people ask about it; even if they mean no harm knowing that others can notice the loss is upsetting. In this situation women who are losing their hair need precise and helpful treatment and advice.

First of all, lifestyle needs to be addressed on two fronts. A healthy balance diet should be a priority with plenty of exercises, preferably in the fresh air. This gives the hair all it needs to grow luscious and long. Without the nutrients there’s no use being disappointed with your hair, it simply can’t grow any more than it is.

Next up one of the worst culprits for hair loss in women is stress. It’s all too easy to say in this day and age that stress needs to be reduced but if you can’t make your life less stressful then you need to learn meditative skills or adopt a new outlook on life. Rushing around stressed out all the time is going to end up affecting your health in much more serious ways than hair loss if you don’t take some action now.

Stress feels normal in today’s world but the idea of cutting back on stress doesn’t mean quitting your job or never taking on any goals in life. Stress causes havoc in the human body; raising the heart rate and inducing the production of the toxic hormone cortisol. Cortisol is highly dangerous and among other things it prompts your body to store fat, particularly around the mid section where it is most dangerous. Daily life can trigger the release of cortisol and over time this can cause serious health problems.

Most women who experience hair loss are under a lot of stress. As soon as they see the hair loss, they become even more stressed, and it gets worse. Stress feels like a mental and emotional problem but it is actually physical as well. Hair loss should be a wake-up call that your body is under too much strain. It’s time to get back to the drawing board and rearrange your life so that you can cope without experiencing high levels of stress on a regular basis.

Don’t go out and buy hair loss shampoos that are outrageously priced. These won’t help. You will waste a lot of money, create more stress for yourself and still be worrying about the state of your hair. Instead seek advice on a very pure and natural shampoo that will not irritate your scalp. The hair loss may even in part be caused by using a product you were allergic to.

Get back to basics and let your scalp recover. If you think one of your hair products may have been to blame then phase them back in slowly and discard any that seem to be causing problems. If your hair has been damaged by bleaching or over styling you may need to develop a new look that won’t cause so much devastation to your hair. Regular application of coconut oil can improve condition over time. Talk to your stylist about other options for your hair. You may be surprised at the many alternatives to bleaching and heat styling.

Hair loss can be scary and worrying but most women get their hair back within a few months and start seeing improvements in a couple of weeks or less. Keep calm and follow these steps, your hair will thank you for it.

How To Prevent Hair Loss & Thining