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I was looking for a flat iron that wasn’t going to singe my hair, as most flat irons are not catered for fine, silky hair. This works perfectly for me. Every time I have used it since I purchased it, it has left my hair feeling silky and looking smooth and shiny. My hair has never gone frizzy, static or dry looking. I don’t have naturally curly hair, however, when I use this flat iron, my hair remains completely straight all day long. It doesn’t matter what kind of setting spray,

Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1" Flat Iron Review

hairspray, or any product that I use on my hair, it doesn’t change. This also applies to the weather too, although my hair is naturally pretty straight, when it rains, it turns frizzy and wavy. I did end up getting caught out in the rain one day and the weather did not have any effect on my hair style. This flat iron also worked really well in curling my hair, it is possible and very simple to curl your hair using a flat iron. The results were impressive, the curls were full of volume and very shiny, the curls lasted all day.


Karmin G3 Salon Professional has many pros. For example, it automatically shuts off after one hour. This is a great feature, because it will simply save your electric. However, it also could prevent potential house fires, and you never have to worry about if you have left your straighteners on in the house again.

It also has an adjustable temperature feature, which may seem like a very standard feature for a flat iron, but you would be surprised at how many brands do not offer this feature. To have the freedom to change the heat setting allows you to experiment with different styles, a higher heat setting will work better on thicker hair and a lower heat setting will work better on finer hair.

Another pro is that this flat iron is also equipped with floating, ceramic plates. The floating plates prevent more tangles, which explains why this flat iron glides through my hair so easily. The ceramic plates are also supposed to be safer for finer hair, which also explains why I noticed little damage and frizz on my hair after using this product. The ceramic plates also seem to heat up very fast; I noticed which is very convenient if you are in a rush.

This product also has a long, swiveling cord which prevents it from getting tangled and comes with a carry case, which I thought was very convenient as you can easily travel with these straighteners. The carry case can also fold out and be used as a heat mat to protect any surface that you would be resting the flat iron on, from being burnt or becoming a fire hazard.


After reading some other reviews, a lot of them claimed that their iron broke pretty quickly, within a few months. Others claimed within a matter of weeks. I would not worry too much about these reviews, as the straighteners do come with a warranty and if you are using them casually, I think that they should be fine. They are fairly pricey too, which is a downside. However they are very good quality.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by this hair tool. I would recommend it if you were working in a salon or just for home use, as it is very professional. It does it’s job perfectly, and although it is a little pricey, it’s worth the investment if you want a good quality flat iron.`