How To Take Care Of Yourself On Your Period

Only ladies will understand the tips on how to take care of yourself on your period for obvious reasons, they go through the whole nasty messy, expensive, painful slow-motion nightmare! Sure, periods are cool. But on another, much more realistic level, periods are gross, terrible, and just a horrible pain in the uterus..

The feeling can be equated to being stabbed in the stomach and twisting the knife. That’s cramps. In addition, your boobs get sore, your muscles ache, you experience nausea and headaches, and as I not to make thing worse, you are constantly tired. In as much as this sounds damaging, there are various workable ways on how to take care of yourself on your period as a lady and reduce on the hate;

How To Take Care Of Yourself On Your Period

Take a bubble bath

Which other tip on how to take care of yourself on your period would you consider first if not lying down in a steaming hot bubble bath? Set the mood by lighting a couple of scented candles around the bathtub and play some mellow tunes as you fill the bath with tons of bubbles. Sounds soothing right? Once your bath is all set, sit back, relax and chill out!

Have enough rest

This is a very fundamental tip on how to take care of yourself on your period. It is particular for the first and second day of your periods. A lot of energy is used during menstruation. Our body is going through a lot in that first day of our period, so it’s important to recognize and honor what our body is going through by allowing it to rest. Having enough rest keeps your body in balance and you won’t feel as bad. If you can, take a day off to relieve stress, since that’s what makes your flow heavier

Eat well

How to take care of yourself on your period has to go hand in hand with the nutrition and diet. It is quite obvious that we lose a lot of blood during this period. In so doing, it’s important to eat foods rich in iron the week before we start our periods to prepare. Fruits and vegetables are very important during this time. During PMS and menses we may have the tendency to start reaching for chocolate, sweet, and sugary things. This is just a sign that our body is in need of nutrients it is deficient of. Always eat healthy. It reduces the chances of unbearable cramping and discomfort.

Engage in light exercises

Who even feels like moving a muscle in the name of exercising during their periods? Nobody is the most realistic answer to give. Engaging in light exercises is a great deal on how to take care of yourself on your period. That’s the time when you need to exercise most. Getting the blood flowing through your body and endorphins pumping is going to give you an almost-instant pick-me-up. Go for walks and do low-intensity cardio, as this will help with the flow but not strain the body. Do stretching and more passive-kinds of exercises, such as yoga. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Suffocating yourself in tight clothes when in your period does not help much. Wear some sweatpants and a sweatshirt or anything else that feels comfortable, but don’t make it too obvious.

Most ladies on their period will gladly tell you how messy they feel and how much they just want to crawl into a hole and die. A combination of having muscle cramps and stomach pain from hunger in your lower abdomen is not pleasant. This however does not mean that you should hate the experience completely. The above tips on how to take care of yourself on your period might help a great deal in making sure you have a comfortable and better experience during your periods.