Five Reason Why You Should Break Up With Him

Courage and relationships aren’t associated with each other as much as they really should be… Actually, on second thought, people sometimes do associate them, but they do it completely the wrong way. We all have seen at least a million lame romantic comedies that emphasizes how great your life can be if you’re willing to take that leap of faith and commit to another person. That’s cute and all, but they seem to refuse to give credit to those who have the nerve to dump someone. The world has it completely backwards and doesn’t understand that sometimes dumping someone is a heroic act, even if you’re only saving yourself. Settling for something simply because it’s comfortable and safe seems pretty cowardly. If you’re unhappy, that should really be the only reason you really need to justify as to why you should break up with him. But, if you’re still trying to muster the bravery to do so, try considering a few things..

Five Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Him

Whether It’s The Sea Or Pet Store…There’s Still A Lot Of Fish

Let’s just start with the most important rule first…there are ALWAYS others to choose from, and you can ALWAYS find someone else. One of the most unfortunate reasons that a woman will stay with a man is because she simply is scared of the prospect of having to find someone new, and for whatever reason believes she won’t be appealing to anyone else and will ultimately end up alone. Admittedly, the dating game can be an intimidating one, but guess what…it typically is for everyone. Once you realize that fact and that everybody, at some point or another, is in the same boat, you’ll also realize that dating isn’t as hard as you thought. Don’t use the excuse that there isn’t something better as your primary reason for making due with what you already have, even though it isn’t making you happy. If anything, knowing there is something better should encourage you to break up with him.

Twinkies Have Long Shelf Lives, Not People

Things don’t last, and they’re not meant to. When you take into consideration just how much time factors into relationships, it can end up being one of the biggest reasons why you should break up. Even if you set aside the obvious cliches about how youth is fleeting and how time is limited, there is still the fact that time changes everything, especially people. Just like how a child outgrows their favorite sneakers, people just as easily can outgrow each other and apart. This can reflect in numerous ways. It can be out of boredom, loss of common interests, a decaying sex life or simply being attracted to others (although this by no means justifies or excuses cheating on someone, that’s low), there may be a point where you just no longer fit each other. Don’t waste time on something that is no longer capable of making either of you happy.

Bending vs Breaking

There’s no harm in the whole “try to work it out” mindset, but it certainly can backfire and eventually become more antagonizing than anything else. Forcing yourselves into trying to stay together and dragging things on with miserable arguments and money wasting counceling often turns into simply beating a dead horse with a stick and alienating. This mindset can often be what causes the death of hope for any kind of potential civil breakup, and can turn things into an all out war. It certainly makes sense if you have children and that you’re trying to overcome your problems for their sakes, but at the same time, you two hating the very sight of one another isn’t going to help anybody. When it’s done, it’s done so move on and just let it go.

Yes! No Means No

It’s time to rearrange your perception on rejection. Again, it happens to everyone, and it’s ultimately is a blessing in disguise. If the rejection happens right away, your time wasn’t wasted. If it happens after trying it out and you find it’s not working because the chemistry isn’t quite right, you can still get a good friend out of it. Even the disappointment of being turned down can still be lined with silver.

The Best Isn’t Always Reserved For Last

 Most of us have heard the term “honeymoon phase”, but in case you haven’t it’s the time frame in the beginning of a relationship where a couple is so exited about their new partner that they can’t seem to part for five minutes without sending a mushy text saying, “I miss you.” The beginning is always the most exciting time of a relationship and can make the world look quite a bit brighter while the two you are hanging out on Cloud 9. Why wouldn’t you want to have that experience again? Breaking up with someone gives you an opportunity to add some zest into your life, and sometimes the hunt itself can be the best part.

 What it all boils down to is that it isn’t a matter of why you should break up with him, it’s actually a matter of why shouldn’t you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something better, and you’ve only got the one life to find it. Taking control and ending a relationship could end up being the best thing you’ve ever done, and having the courage to take that chance makes you a candidate for a medal of honor and is truly commendable.

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Five Reason Why You Should Break Up With Him