How To Straighten Short Hair : Step by step tips with Image

Today’s Topic:  How To Straighten Short Hair,  short hair straightening tips.

Short curly hair is very difficult to control for a smooth and sleeker look.  You may not be able to use a hair dryer to make your locks straighten. A flat iron is the best for short hair to straighten every curls. You have to buy a  flat iron that works best for short hair to help you straighten your short curls easily. Use the right styling tool to get the result to last all the day. If you have short bobs or short pixie-cut, it will really look messy sometimes. The best way is straighten your short hair. If you want to know how to straighten short hair and get a trendy stylish look read on this article, here you will get easy and clear directions on how to straighten your short hair..

How To Straighten Short Hair : Step by step tips with Image 2021


How To Straighten Short Hair – very easy and simple tips

Short hair is quite easy to be styled and need less times, but at the same time you will get an amazing look, by simply straightening your short hair. If you want to work on how to straighten your short hair, it is important to get yourself prepared with the styling elements that you will need in doing the task. If you want really a trendy and sleeker look, and it is quite impossible to get the work done by simply using a hair dryer and Hair styling tools. At first equipped yourself with wide tooth comb, ceramic blow dryer, heat protection spray butterfly clip and serum, a finishing product for your hair what will make your hair to look more shiny and healthy.

Wash Your Hair And Blow It Dry

Before starting straighten your short hair, wash your hair by using mild shampoo and then use conditioner depending on your hair type. You can use volumizing product for flat, thin hair and smoother products for thicker and frizzy hair. Rinse off your hair properly then wrap your hair with soft and dry towel to absorb the water fast. After that use your hair dryer first, and blow it dry properly. Use a wide comb brush to manage the tangles of your hair.

Use  A Heat Protection Spray

Use a heat protection spray, before starting straightens your short hair by a hair straightener. It will protect your hair from the unwanted hair damage. That is why hair experts and beautician always suggest using heat protection spray before every single time of your hair straightening job to ensure you the required moisture of your hair. Simply spray this on your hair and make sure that your hair is dry. Remember, keep the spray out from the root of your hair, otherwise your hair may look flat and greasy.

Make Sections Into Your Hair

Make sections before straightening your short hair by using butterfly clip. Make minimum 4 sections of your hair upper, lower and both sides. If you have thicker hair you can add some extra layer into your hair. Clipping properly will help you to straighten your short hair easily. You can release the sections after get your work done.

Set Up Your Straightener Temperature

Set up your hair straightener temperature on appropriate level depending on your hair type. Choosing the appropriate temperature for your hair will protect your hair from unwanted expected damage. If you have thicker hair set the temperature at 350 to 400°F, for medium hair thickness set the temperature at 300 to 350°F.  if you have damaged and fine hair never set the temperature up to 300°F. It will be better to keep the temperature between 200 to 250°F, so that it may not cause further damage of your hair.

Straighten Your Short Hair

Straighten your short hair by following the correct technique. Keep the strands not more than 2 inches as you make layer of your hair. Hold the hair by using widen tooth comb and start straighten your short hair layer by layer. Do not jump to another layer until your work is done. If you do so it will take some extra time and don’t get your expected result from the job. So, complete each section perfectly then move to next layer. Remember while straightening your hair if you see steam stop just at that moment. It means your hair is wet or burning up.  Switch of your hair straightener for some time. If you found that your hair is wet then use a hair dryer to blow it dry properly then start again straighten your short hair.

Check And Style Your Hair

After completing straighten all the layers of your hair, check the results into mirror and style your hair. Then use serum, a finishing product that will help you hair to look more lustrous and voluminous.

Straightening your short hair

Put your hair back up in layers using the claw clips to make the things a lot easier.

Step 2

Heat up the hair straightener and spray some heat-protectant spray on your hair while you are waiting. Use the spray so that heat doesn’t damage it.

Step 3

Take some small strands and clasp it between the plates of the heat iron. Glide the heat iron down to the strands of your hair going from root to tip. Do it for three times and move on.

Step 4

Continue using the hair straightener pulling down the layers. Continue until all of your hair is straightened.

Step 5

Brush out your hair and then style it as you like, or leave it freely.

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