Wanna Attract woman With Your Beautiful Eyes? Eye Makeup Tips

Your eye is the most important part of your body what makes you look fabulously gorgeous.  Beauty expert says that  70 percent of makeup done to any girl by giving a perfect eye makeup.  However, the task is not so easy. To makeup your eye you need to be artistic and quite tricky. Because making a tiny mistake may look you like ghost or clown. Read the post below, it will helps you to know tinniest matter on eye makeup tips. The eye makeup tips are:

1. Before using eye makeup use a slice of cucumber over each eyes. It will make your eye look fresh and tiredness free.

2. If your eyes have dark circles, hide it using concealer. It will make your makeup perfect.

3. Use always branded product to keep your eyes safe as it is the most sensitive part of your body.

4. If you want to get dramatic expression to your eyes you can use variety color of eye shadow. You can prefer, green, blue, purple, violet with golden shade.

5. To make your eye makeup smudge free  preserve your eye liner or pencils in a fridge. It will harden the kohl and prevent you from being smudged.

6. Use brown mascara to get different and appealing look to your eyes. I am sure people will stare at your eyes without falling blink.

7. Be tactful when taking eye makeup. Consider the time and place. If it is night you can take smokey gorgeous look and in day avoid taking heavy makeup. It will show up your personality to others.

8. Remember to groom your eye brow after completing eye makeup. Otherwise it will mar your  entire beauty.

9. Use liner carefully and prefer the line set up based on your eye shape.  For example: if you have big eye draw a thin line around your eyes, it will make your eyes look better. If you have smaller eyes you can prefer to draw thicker line it makes your eye to look bigger. Otherwise drawing the wrong eye line may cause you to look ridiculous.

10. While using eye shadow be tactful. Use base color upto the brow bone, and the on the lid you can chose something lighter and for highlight use brighter color.

11. Metallic eye shadow for glamour is the best option you can choose. You can give light touch of shimmer on eye lid and brow bone. It will look you gorgeous.

12. To make your eye more gorgeous you can use golden lash or green or violet matched up with your dress. It will give you a stunning look.

13. Don’t forget to comb you lash after applying mascara. For that you can keep a separate mascara wand.

14. When using mascara prefer to have long and comfortable brush so that it will not smudge in your eye area.

15. To make your eye lash thicker you simply try this eye makeup tips. Use powder after every use of the mascara once it dried out. Then apply powder on it and again brush them.  So it couple of times. It will make your eye lash thicker and long.

16. Always go with your style never with the flow if it does not suit you. Always chose the style what makes you to look better. Because you are your stylist after all!

17. Never stop using eye liner even if you are old. You can prefer something lighter as your age goes on.

18. Prefer your dress color when taking eye makeup. This is the most important eye make tips that you need to remember. As a perfect selection always presents your personality.