How To Perfectly Apply Lipstick : Beauty Tips on How to Apply Lipstick

Applying lipstick perfectly is one of the steps to attain a perfect and stupendous look. There are several ways in which lipstick can be applied, therefore with few remaining steps, the lipstick can be made to appear smoother and last longer. Perfect lipstick application may result in making lips appear larger or smaller, whichever is preferred so as to achieve the desired look..

For lipstick to be perfectly applied, there are several tips that should be taken into account. First is that the lips should be prepared, this is done by applying a lip conditioner or a lip balm so as to give the lips a soft and supple effect. Before application of the conditioner, the lips should be exfoliated by either brushing them soothingly using a toothbrush, or using a moist towel to rub on them. This ensures that dead skin and cells are removed. Also a home-made lip scrub can be made using oil and sugar, and this would serve the same purpose as a lip conditioner.

Second is that a base should be applied so as to even out and moisturize the lips so that a perfect result is achieved when the lipstick is applied. The base is important because despite softening the lips, it smoothens and also facilitates the lip liner and the lipstick to be even. The base which could be a lip balm or a lip cream should be left on for a few minutes. It should then be wiped off if indispensable before lip liner and lipstick can be applied. The significance of wiping the excess lip balm is to prevent the lips from being too slippery hence making it difficult for the lip liner and lipstick to stick, and this ensures that when the lipstick is applied, it will stick with ease hence a perfectly outcome will be achieved.

Third is that a lip liner should be used to draw a line along the outer of the lips and then on the entire lip area, the liner should match the lipstick to be used later on so that feathering does not occur. The importance of the lip liner is to give the lipstick something to clench on such that it lasts longer, it therefore acts a primer for the lipstick. Application of a lip liner revolutionizes how the lips look, for instance they may appear bigger, smaller, rounder or even wider. For them to appear smaller the liner should be applied just inside the lip line, to appear bigger the liner should be applied just outside the lip line, for a wider appearance it should be applied along the natural lip line and it should as well be extended past the corners of the lips, and to achieve a soft and a more natural look a finger should be used to tap the liner on the corners of the lips so as to soften any sharp edges, hence bringing out the smooth appearance.

How To Perfectly Apply Lipstick

The fourth is that, for lipstick to be applied perfectly, the lipstick should be applied all over the lips but only within the outlines of the lip liner paying attention not to go outside the liner. It can be done using a specifically designed tip brush which is a more defined method of application. So as to attain a vaguely deeper colour, a second coat of lipstick should be applied.

Lastly is that for a perfect lipstick application to be realized, a concealer should be used on the lip edges so as to define the look. The concealer is to be applied from the edges of the lips towards the surrounding skin so that ‘bleeding’, which is the extension of the lipstick out of the lip line, does not come about. It should also be ensured that no lipstick is left on the teeth. Therefore, if the steps are followed, perfect lipstick application will be achieved successfully.

In conclusion, applying lipstick perfectly is important because lipstick application is a mainstream fashion trend. Wearing lipstick perfectly is a way of transforming and presenting oneself so as to reflect fluctuations in moods and identity.

Despite applying the right shade of lipstick, the results may not be as good as it was intended. This might be as a result of clumsy application whereby blotching, chipping off or even vanishing completely may occur.

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How To Perfectly Apply Lipstick : Beauty Tips on How to Apply Lipstick