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There are various reason why we kiss to show affection. A kiss is the act of touching or pressing one’s lips against another person or an object. In primates kissing may be a behavior that transferred from maternal feeding on our first meals where we depend on suckling hence it encouraged infants to do it which lasts to adulthood. the Kissing triggers a lot of hormonal change and a feeling of affection. It expresses various connotations such as love, sexual desirability, fondness, admiration, greeting, romance, passion, friendship and good luck among others. The affection which is also referred to as fondness is a tender feeling towards another which can be invoked by kissing.

We kiss to show affection to one another which is important because generally it is perceived to have stress-reducing effects in addition to lowering of cholesterol levels. Kissing also causes secretion of adrenaline and noradrenalin into the blood hence causing an adrenaline rush whose impact is advantageous on the cardiovascular system because it increases the pumping tempo of the heart. An experiment was conducted by Dr. Alexander DeWees, where it was concluded that a passionate kiss generally burns up to 2 to 3 calories per minute.

Kissing to show affection and love is one of the categories of kissing whereby it is a physical expression of love amid two people in which sensations of smell, taste and touch are entailed. Psychologist Menachem Brayer observed that although many mammals, insects and birds exchange caresses which appear to be kisses of affection, they are not kisses in the human logic.

Kissing the lips of another person is an ordinary expression of affection or warm greeting among many cultures of the world. In some cultures such as china, kissing involves rubbing of one’s nose against the cheek of another person. In South East Asian countries sniff kiss is the most common form of showing affection to another person, whereas in western countries mouth to mouth kissing is habitually associated with sexual foreplay.

Kissing is regarded as a way of expressing affection for instance in the United States of America where a random survey conducted showed that kissing is the second most popular form of physical intimacy after holding hands among the adolescents, and 85% of adolescents aged between fifteen and sixteen years of age have experienced affection through kissing.

Kissing as a way of showing affection can be done without including erotic elements whereby such a kiss can be an expression of love in the broadest and all-inclusive meaning, conveying a message of gratitude, compassion, sorrow, loyal affection and extreme joy. This for instance exists between parents and their children, and also between other members of the family where deep affection unites people.

Kisses of affection have also been recorded in the Holy Bible for those who believe in Christianity as in the book of Exodus 18:7 where Moses wet to meet his father-in-law whereby he did obeisance and kissed him, asked each other of their welfare and then they went into the tent. In addition kissing was seen as way of expressing affection, when Jacob, after he had wrestled with the Lord, he met Esau, ran towards him, fell on his neck and kissed him.

The Kinsey Institute depicts that a person’s response to kissing is a combination of various factors which are that, first, a person’s response to kissing depends on the person’s mental and emotional state and also what they feel about the person that they are kissing, this is because kissing a person that you like will bring about feelings of fondness and connection, whereas kissing a person you don’t like or being kissed against your will brings about a different response. Second is that the culture in which a person grows up plays a big part in how they feel about kissing, for instance most of the western societies are conditioned so as to look forward and enjoy kissing.

Even though some of the kisses are companionable whereas others are romantic, they have one thing in common which is that they are enthused by and tend to inspire positive feelings.

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