This is How You Can Use the Guava Leaves for Your Hair Growth!

The guava leaves have been taken the whole internet by storm with the claims of it being a miracle solution for your hair loss. It is also gaining more popularity as your hair thickening ingredient which can promote rapid hair growth. But how exactly are the guava leaves beneficial for your beloved hair? There is no need to question about that. Of course it is very beneficial. The guava leaves are as great as the fruit, which are credited for being a powerhouse of the nutrients and that is widely popular as well. Just like the fruits, the guava leaves contain vitamin B and vitamin C as well, which can help to boost the collagen activity which is required for your hair growth. Now let you know how to use it!..

This is How You Can Use the Guava Leaves for Your Hair Growth!

How to Use?

While the most of us are really unaware about the amazing health benefits of the guava leaves, it has been using for traditional medicine for many centuries in the Mexico and the parts of the South America. Including the guava leaves to your regular hair care regimen can surely help you to see the substantial hair growth. Besides that it is 100% natural that means that you do not need to worry about any kind of harmful reaction.

You can use the guava leaves to make a great cup of tea and can drink it regularly or can make a hair lotion to apply on your hair and the scalp. You need to follow the simple steps given below to make your very own guava leaves hair care solution which will battle with the hair fall and can promote your hair growth.

All you need is a handful of the guava leaves, 1 liter of the water and a pot to boil all the ingredients.

1. You can start by boiling the guava leaves in the water for about 20 minutes, and then you need to strain the concoction. Now let it cool down in the room temperature. You need to ensure that your hair is product free. Therefore it might be the best for you to use this kind of solution after the shower.

2. When your hair is almost dry, you can section it and you can start to apply the guava leaf solution. You need to massage this solution for at least 10 minutes into your scalp. Make sure that it is spread well. The massaging can improve your blood pressure that can help the follicles to receive much nutrition.

3. You need to pay some extra attention to the roots and the tips when you are applying the solution. Then you can leave the solution on for up to couple of hours. If you want to sleep with it, then you can wrap your hair with a towel.

4. Now you can rinse your hair with the lukewarm water, and not that hot water as it can dry out your hair and the scalp as well.

You can use this guava leaf solution three times in a week, if you are facing this problem of the hair fall. You can use it two times in a week, if you are using it to speed up your hair growth. It can keep your hair shiny as well.

Apart from this kind of amazing remedy, eating the guava can supply a huge number of vitamins and the minerals as well to your body. The unique constituent of the fruit can also promote a better suction of the nutrients from the foods that can help to treat the hair and the scalp problems as well.