How to Use Hair Straightener Like A Pro | Best Hair Straightener Hacks

Using hair straightener especially in this modern age has become a popular trend to the women. Now a day’s, it is very difficult to find a woman who do not go with hair straightener. I think you are not out of them. But it is seen that, many women express their dissatisfaction after using a hair straightener. Have you ever faced like that something? Have you ever wondered why this happens? You may think that you could not select or purchase a good product? Yes, it is right that, it is necessary to have a quality product to get proper result or expected result. But is it enough? You have bought a good hair straightener, but you do not know the proper use of that product, how can you expect a wonderful result with that?.

How to Use Hair Straightener Like A Pro Best Hair Straightener Hacks

Straightening your hair is very quick and easy using a flat iron. Iron straightener with ceramic plates is normally considered as the best material that prevents your hair from damaging. Good graded ceramic irons generate negative ions and infrared heat that seal in moisture as you straighten your hair. By following the proper straightening technique and applying the appropriate hair treatments you can keep your hair straight all day and protect your hair from heat damage. We are here to help you learn how to properly use hair straightener.

Preparing Your Hair

Wash and dry your hair until damp- In this step, you have to wash your hair very well, then carefully blow dry or air dry until lightly damp. The attractive side of this process is, this blow drying can make your hair slightly straighter already, saving you some extra time.

Brush or comb your hair- This is also another important step to get perfect result with a hair straightener.Remove all the coils. The heat protestant will give you more evenly if you brush or comb thoroughly earlier. There should not be any tangles left when you start straightening, or the process will leave tangled hair.

Apply heat protestant- slightly and carefully spray your entire head of hair. Then, within a short time comb your hair a second time to disperse the protestant perfectly. If you are a moist hair consumes it will be better for you to heat protestant more effectively, but of course you still can apply it to dry hair.

If you want to ensure more safety of your hair from heat, then you can use any type of natural heat Protestants like argon, but set the iron to low temperature to protect your hair from damage.

Finish drying-it will also be better for you to finish the drying completely while you use air dry or blow dry. The thing which is necessary to inform you is, always avoid straightening your wet hair, as the iron may burn or damage wet hair. So, be careful about this.

Let the iron warm up– Plug in the flat iron and let it heat up perfectly, while you get started on the next step. For this, you have to know very well that the product which you are using, how much time it takes to get perfectly heat. Over heat and lower heat both are harmful for your hair. Choose a temperature setting that is adequate for your hair like, for thin hair, use the lowest heat setting, for average hair thickness, use medium heat and for thick hair, use high heat. If you make any mistake in this stage, your lovely hair may fall in danger. You can start lower and work your way up until you can straighten the hair in one pass. If you did not use heat protestant then take caution.

Section off your hair- The thicker your hair the more sections you need. If you have thin hair, divide it into two to four sections, while with thick hair you may need many more. Secure the sections with clip except the lowest layer. You’ll be working with locks of hair and each section can include several locks of hair.

Using the Iron

Separate a lock of hair– When you will do this, you have to start with the lowest layer of hair and section a lock of hair 1–2 inch wide. Keep it small enough that you can fit the flat iron easily, and straighten it in one pass.

Clamp the iron above the roots– Place your flat iron carefully 1–3 inches above your scalp. Straightening too close to your scalp may affect the roots or burn your scalp. Be sure not to clamp too tight, because it may create a ridge at the top of your hair. Heating on one place for too long will also cause a ridge. If excessive hair fell out of the iron, open the iron and start with a smaller amount of hair.

Run the iron down to your hair– Slowly run the iron right down the length of hair. Keep the constant pressure on the hair all times and don’t twist or move the iron from its path. You might see steam coming from your hair and the iron, but it is normal. This is the heat protestant just evaporating a little. But if you notice more steam or smell burning hair, move the iron instantly. Try to do one pass cause a single pass with a high-temperature iron cause less damage than Multiple passes with a low-temperature.

Repeat with all remaining locks– after finishing one section unpin the next and repeat. Start from the lowest layers. Pay extra attention to the back of your head. You can smooth down your hair and it is optional. Spray a little hairspray and comb them down. You can apply hairspray over all your hair.

How to Use Hair Straightener Like A Pro