What Comes First: The Ultimate Makeup Checklist

When it comes to get makeup you have to be ready for your beauty arsenal and check the ultimate makeup list. Different makeup rules works on different peoples and there are no hard and fast rules. We have a guideline to help you prepare your ultimate makeup checklist..

Step 1: Primer
Always do the first things first so before anything else, start with the primer and this includes primer for your eyes and lips. concealer can be used if you don’t have specific products. This step creates smooth working space for the rest of your makeup and will help product stay put longer.
Step 2: Brow
After primer, you must have to focus on your eye area. Shape and fill in your eyebrows and then a-defined arch will help serve as a guide when you’re executing eye shadow. If you need more help in the brow department you can meet a pro.
Step 3: Shadow
Your next step after brow is Eye shadow and it should be done before the rest of your face in case any spills occur and you need to do a little cleansing. You can mess up your perfectly contoured face. The eye shadow breakdown should be like this: lid shade first, followed by crease color, then swipe a little highlighter along your brow bone.

Step 4: Liner
Eyeliner is much easier to apply, so do your liner after your shadow but you must do it before mascara.
Step 5: Mascara
The last step of your eye makeup is mascara. After applying the Mascara wait a few moments before falling into the rest of your routine so the mascara can dry completely.
Step 6: Foundation
Foundation is always an important part because it literally creates a foundation on which the rest of your makeup will live. If your foundation is a bit heavy for your day-to-day routine, go for a BB or CC cream.Step 7: Concealer
Now it’s time apply concealer under your eyes and over any blemishes. Foundation does a good job of covering up, but concealer will make it perfect and non existing.
Step 8: Bronzer and Blush
Whether you’re using bronzer to contour make sure it comes before blush. Use your blush after Bronzer and dust over the apples of your cheeks and sweep it back to your hairline.

Step 9: Lips
When you are done with everything it’s time to give your leaps a glossy and appealing effect. First use a liner to perfect the edges and shape of your lips and then apply your lipstick.
Step 13: Setting Spray
Finally, you are in the last step! Spritz on a setting spray all over your face to help your makeup last longer.