The U9 Digital Wet To Dry Flat Iron Review

The U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron is every inch a fine wet to dry iron in every way. This is why it is so worthy of having several U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review pieces did it by very satisfied customers who know and understand what is the meaning of a top of the line and high-quality hair product such as this one. It is as simple as that. The U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron has all the amazing features that a premium grade hair product of this kind should have. It is a very professional and power flat iron that has an affordable price tag and lots of other awesome benefits. What are these benefits? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did to be honest.

The U9 Digital Wet To Dry Flat Iron Review Just For You!

Works Both Ways

This U9 1 Inch LCD Digital Wet to Dry 450F Hair Straightener has the dual voltage needed when you head overseas with your iron. I love that it also has a price I’m comfortable with spending on an iron I may accidentally kill or lose while I am in a trip. For just under $40, you get a straightener that understands what it is like on the other side of the pond and adapts for just that intention or purpose.

Price Doesn’t Stop Power

For quite an inexpensive iron, the U9 certain provides a lot of features to make an experiment with, this machine includes negative iron technology that uses steam to make or keep your hair straight. Moreover, this lovely machine also works as a wet-to-dry flat iron. In the event that if I could cut down the length of time it takes to get itself ready while I am on the road, I most certainly will be the happiest of the campers.

This hair straightener has a range of temperatures that I really like, beginning with 230°F as much as to 450°F. That’s almost the highest heat amount that you’ll get from a hair straightener so that you’re probably not likely to find one that becomes any hotter.

As I have said that, in the event when I am on the road I do not wish to spend a lot of time getting ready. I TRULY do not wish to spend time on my hair while I am in the overseas country where I have several things to see and do. This iron heats up almost instantly, and you will be able to see how hot is this from the LCD screen on the front.

Not On Lock

One of the more disappointing elements of this iron is where the buttons have been placed. They were right where you put your hand to hold while straightening, and that means you can hit them while you are working. If you’re like my mother and have hair that is very much sensitive to heat, you won’t do well with this because you could in course of circumstances put more heat on your hair than you should.

Options For Plates

Any time I take a new iron home I get the 5th degree from my husband about the auto shutoff fascility. He means well, but it does get dreadful. Well, this one has an auto shutoff which makes a huge difference from a safety standpoint. Also, it saves me another lecture on how bad it is to damage countertops or, you know, accidentally burn the house!

Keep ALL Your Hair

It is important to make sure your iron is not going to do its best to leave you bald. This one has floating plates that get closer together than fixed plates, and that means they grip the hair well while the titanium plates organize and pull it through swiftly. Your hair should not get yanked out which is something that commonly happens with less expensive irons.

Discoloration… Kind Of

One among the weirdest things about this flat iron is that it doesn’t have plastic material which is fabricated in a certain color. The color is in fact painted on, so people complain about it chipping when it is in use. I can praise for how that might be frustrating and well, a lot more than a little off-putting.

An adjustable temperature setting

What is great about the U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron is its completely adjustable and customized temperature setting that will work for you and your hair styling requirements. The low-temperature setting is something that starts out with being low in the description and adapts to whatever your needs are for the wet to dry flat iron to be in detail. We all have different hair styling requirements, and the temperature settings are something that is totally at your own command with this fine flat iron that is perfect to use and very safe in all the ways that a top of the line wet to dry flat iron should be and is in definition. Adjustable means all about you and your unique hairstyling methods that work for you.

Has ionic stream that serves to protect hair

The U9 Digital Wet To Dry Flat Iron is not only a top of the line flat iron for all the right reasons. It is also so much more and this so much more is all about being a high quality digital wet to dry flat iron that has an Ionic-Stream technology that will serve to protect hair as good as it does style it. You never need to worry about the U9 not protecting your hair from the get go. Why is that? The answer is clear. It has this special technology that provides approximately 3,000,000 negative ions per cubic ml and that means keeping your hair perfectly safe from any damage and not ever frizzing it out either. It is also very capable of handling hair that is damp too.

A gorgeous and sleek black design that will hold its look for years

The U9 Digital Wet To Dry Flat Iron does seem to have a host of many wonderful features. However, also, to all the features which have been listed here. It also is a wet to dry flat iron that has a sleek ultra black design about it that will last for years of use and enjoyment from a total hair styling aspect.

Some Pros:

  • Great ergonomic design
  • Awesome performance
  • Can heat up to 410F in under 40 seconds
  • Digital temperature adjustment that is very accurate
  • Has auto-shut off with programmable on time

Some Cons:

  • One customer said that the product heats up way too fast and way too high up in temperature


The U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review is this. Based on the overall product rating, as well as, numerous customer reviews. The U9 Digital Wet To Dry Flat Iron is indeed every inch a top product that is popular with a lot of people. It is every inch a fine and recommended flat iron in every way.