U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review | Best Flat Irons for 2018

Not that long ago, i traveled from my home to a long distance for a conference. I was gone for two weeks with my husband, and i had to learn how to travel light to avoid the baggage fees. After reaching to my destination I threw out my straightener in the trash, and my friend was shocked seeing this. It was fried when I plugged it into the socket. Then I came to know that a straightener with dual voltage is really important to go abroad.

U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review

Works Both Ways

This product has the dual voltage which is important when you head overseas with your iron. I love that it also hasan affordable price to spend on an iron I may accidentally kill or lose during the tour. You can get it for just 40 dollars which is right for you.

Price Doesn’t Stop Power

The U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron comes in a very reasonable price with a lot of features. It has negative ions to safeguard your hair gets straight and stays that way. Users can also get away with a lower heat than even alternatives. The negative ions make the hair very shiny as the plates pass over locking the moisture that hair needs to get that glow. The product works as a wet-dry ion. It takes less time to get ready so I am happy with that.

Heat Anywhere In the World

This hair straightener has a range of temperature settings which I really like. It can be heated up to 450 degrees from 230 degrees. It is the highest heat you can get in a straightener. So you are not likely to find the hottest one. No one likes to spend a lot time in getting ready as me. Especially when I am in travel I have lot to see and visit. U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat iron heats up instantly to save your time and you can see how hot it is from the LCD screen.

Not On Lock

One of the most depressing features of this iron is the buttons where they are placed. The buttons have been placed right where you put your hand to hold during the straightening process. You can hit them too often like my mother does and this is very sensitive. There is a chance to out excessive heat on your hair that can cause damage to your hair or the scalp.

Keeping Your Heat adjustable

The product has a cool feature of shutting down automatically after an hour with led indicator and correcting temperatures. Some other irons in the market within this price range can be heated up to 450 degrees which is needed for some people for their hair. You can get any style what you want with this hair straightener tool. The auto turn off feature keeps you tension free when you go out leaving your iron on.

Keep ALL Your Hair

You always have to make sure that your iron is not doing something best to make you bald. U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Ironhas floating plates to get closer together than fixed plates. So, that makes sure that they grip the hair well while the titanium plates organize to pull it smoothly. Your hair shouldn’t get jerked off which is a common matter with less expensive irons.


This product has a frustrating feature that it doesn’t have plastic that is assembled in a certain color. The color is painted and people complain about this. I know that depressing feature of chipping while it’s in use.

It’s Quirky But it Works

Calling this U9 Digital Wet to Dry Flat Iron quirky is an understatement. if you’re looking for a flat iron that heats up quickly and does the job effectively in a low price this is the right one for you.