Turbo ion Croc Classic Straightener Review | Turbo Ion Hair Straightener

One of the things I dislike most about the irons I regularly use, is they can get really uncomfortable to hold. It’s not much of a problem with my hair since it’s very much faster to straighten, but one day I decided to straighten my friend’s curly hair, and I thought my hand was going to fall off by the time I had finished. I just imagine that it was probably difficult to add comfort features to a flat iron because there are so many wires going through the body, but yeah, it is nice.

Nowadays most of the girls use hair straighteners as their daily companion. I dislike the thing about a straightener is if they are uncomfortable to hold. Its mot much a problem since my hair doesn’t take long. One day my friend asked me to straighten her mega curly hair and by the time I finished I felt that my hand was going to fall off. Adding comfort features to a flat iron is a difficult task because it is always surrounded by the wires. When I was searching for a comfort zone I found Turbo ion Croc Classic Straightener. The shape of this iron is totally different from any I have used before. It is actually thinner at the base giving you comfort while holding.

Turbo ion Croc Classic Straightener Review

More Plate for Your Money

I don’t like the 1.5 inch plates but the casing of this iron is so slim it might still work. There are no options for size, so you will have to use another iron if you need thinner iron for short hair. The thin body actually makeup for the size of the plates.

Several Kinds of Comfort

I have pointed out that I am one of the most comfort lover persons in the world. For that reason, I try to be really take care of things I can burn myself on. The iron is designed to keep the heating element farther away from your hand. This means you have less chance to burn yourself and it this feature is available on a few products.

NOT Heavy Metal

This is not a heavy iron despite the metal plates and the body structure. The titanium plates keep your hair smooth and work effortlessly. It glides through your hair smoothly leaving no frizz. Titanium plates are not cheap like the ceramics and lightweight is better for small hands like me.

Not Shaped For Curls

If you use a straightening iron for curls like me you would not be pleased with this. The plates are wider than most of the irons so they are extra big to get the curls you are looking for. The plates are perfect for the long hairs or long curls. If you use it as only straightener for fine hair this a good option for you.

It is Safe

Safety is important. That is why each flat iron is equipped with infrared heating technology to keep the hair healthy and avoid singes and has an automatic shut-off setting that guarantees your flat iron will not stay on if you leave it unattended.

With silver-nano technology for making sure your hair is sterilized and deodorized, the state-of-the-art Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron guarantees that your mane is not only being straightened, but taken proper care of as well.

Memory Matters

One of the cool things of this iron is it has a little memory but deals with big things. It has digital temperature settings and it keeps the setting in memory so you don’t have to change it every time you use it. When I am in a hurry it annoys me much so it is a blessing for me although changing the setting every day is not a big deal. Straightening at the wrong temperature setting may damage to your hair so consider this as a great feature.


This Turbo ion Croc Classic Straightener has automatic shut-off feature. It has 25 temperature settings with digital control. It also has nano-silver technology. The product also gives you a FND digital display. The ionic plates are titanium and it is far infrared heating. The Dimensions are 12.4ʺ x 4.4ʺ x 2.7ʺ , the Weight of this awesome product is 1 lb and the Shipping weight is 1.7 lbs.

Hot Heat Here

This bad boy heats up fast and there is no waiting time to get hot. It comes with instant heating technology and gets you ready in a few minutes. You don’t have to cut off your sleeping time in the morning. This is a good point for the people who love morning sleep like me.

Coarse Hair Will Love Croc

Turbo ion Croc Classic Straightener creates a huge difference for thicker or coarse hair with the combination of consistent heat and the titanium plates.You will be satisfied with this flat iron if you have hair that is difficult to straighten. It has the enough temperature and is smooth enough. The titanium plates gets hot enough and is smooth enough and you don’t have to repetitive straightening to get the finish you want.


You will love the ease of use feature of this product and plenty of people like me like about how well this flat iron works. It gives you a shiny and sleek finish which cannot be beaten up by any other irons.

If you like the features and find something useful get it from amazon or any online store you want.