8 Best Travel Hair Straighteners To Save Your Space And Weight

It does not matter which type of hair you have like corkscrews, a natural wave, a slight kink or just a bit of frizz, you can fix up your problem with hair straighteners. Hair straightener is a great product for the hair to get it right as your choice. You can use that for multipurpose like curling, straightening and taming. Many girls like natural look while they are travelling but there are a lot travel hair straighteners those are easy to carry and easy to use.

8 Best Travel Hair Straighteners To Save Your Space And Weight

GHD Mini Hair Straightener

This is one of the most reliable brands and stays on the top of the list. They are little bit expensive but brilliant at keeping your hair sleek and shiny. It comes with a rounded edge which makes it simpler to curl or wave your hair by twirling it through from root to tip.Make space on your packing list for the slightly bigger, full-size model to make styling quick and easy, especially if you have got long thick hair.

Babyliss Pro Cordless Straightener

Babyliss Pro Cordless Straightener product is travel friendly and cheaper too. It comes in a great compact size and powered by gas. It heats up to 215 degrees and perfect for travelling to less populated remote area and camping where you won’t have power cords. So it is highly recommended for travelling and campaigning.

Remmington Mini Handbag Straightener

You may presume by the name how travel friendly this product is. This Mini Handbag Straightener is perfect for anyone with short or fine hair. If you are looking for a small package then this could be a great option but don’t expect perfect result with thick and curly hair. You can use it to manage your bangs.

Andrew Collinge Cordless Salon Shine Straightener

This one is cool as a travel hair straightener and it is rechargeable. It is cordless and worthy for the extra heat and shiny results. It heats up quickly and can reach up to 230 degrees in 30 seconds. It has the coolest auto shut off features that will protect you from any damage. The higher temperature of the product means that it is ideal for thicke and frizzy hair.

Revlon Perfect Heat Travel-Pro Mini Straightener

Revlon Perfect Heat Travel-Pro Mini Straightener comes in a very small shape that is 60% smaller than a normal straightener. This mini device is ideal for travelers who are looking to save space and weight with all the needs. This is great for thick, curly hair. So pack your bag and get this product in a corner of your luggage.

HSI Professional Flat Iron

This HSI Professional Flat Iron comes with several features beyond just the iron which you won’t find with other brands. I got a travel bag as well as a glove so that I can avoid burning my hand. I have burned my hand several times so this time I am too choosy. This product is very travel friendly, so if you are going abroad it will be a good choice.

Cloud Nine Micro Iron

Cloud Nine Micro Iron is specially designed for travelling. You might not have a space for the hair straightener in your travel bag but you don’t want to leave it. This is one of the best small straighteners we have ever experimented. The ceramic plates help to protect your hair from damage and the cushioned style means you can use them on all hair types and lengths. This takes very small space and made as travel friendly.

Tips for Travel with Straighteners

Everyone doesn’t need hair straighteners but this product is a luxury item of beauty product. You need to invest on something that fulfill your personal needs like this one which helps you keep your travel style and to feel girly again. Who have extremely frizzy hair may not get enough benefit from the tiny flat irons. This half sized models take up a little space on your travel backpack.