13 Tips to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker Instantly

Looking for tips to make your hair appear thicker instantly? Worried with fine and thin hair? This article is dedicated for the solution. Here are some effective ways and tips to make your hair appear thicker than ever! So stop sighing over thin hair, follow these tips and achieve thick, voluminous hair instantly.

13 Tips to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker Instantly

Stay away from shampoos with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.

See ingredients section of the bottle. Detergents, polymers, proteins, alcohols, and ammonia are typical in regular shampoos in the form of ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. In fact, these ingredients are extremely rough on your hair.They are the cause of dry hair and scalp.

Take major precautions against over-drying your hair.
Over drying while straightening takes out the natural elasticity and volume out of your hair. Be gentle with your hair as you care for your hair.

Don’t overdo your hair color.
Hair color adds texture, but you should not overdo bleaching Process which can seriously thin out your hair. If you prone to color try to increase in between schedule.
Say good-bye to the super long hair.
Medium to short hair lengths is best for thicker hair. The longer hair means more weighs. The result is thin hair. So opt for medium to the short hairstyle.

Embrace the texture of natural wavy or curly hair.

Girls with curly hair should work on their natural texture. While blow drying or straightening hair damages your hair and make it appear thinner. Girls with curly hair, rather work on volume with the natural texture.

Increase braid thickness.
After braiding your hair, softly pull out each loop using your fingertips. What type of your braid are you can do that

Mousse will give you instant thickness
Spray about the palm full of mousse into your damp hair. Comb gently from mid-lengths to the ends and continue until fair distribution of mousse all over the head. Feel the thickness instantly.

Choose a style without a defined part.
Attempt styling without a well-defined part exposes a lot of scalps. Parting leads to weaker roots and fine hair.

Boost the base of your ponytail with bobby pins.
It’s fast, easy way to make your pony look voluminous and thicker!

Use colored hair powder.
Dry shampoo works for blondes, for brown and black hair, using a colored hair powder add texture and volume and hide scalp.
Just before you are out to rock the world, use few velcro rollers at the top of your head. Do this after drying the hair. Apply dry texture spray and place the rollers at the dead top of your crown. If you want even more thickness, blow warm air on the rollers, cool them for a while before placing.

Use dry shampoo at night, not in the morning.
dry shampoo should be applied at night. Tossing and turning on your pillow while sleeping allows absorbing oil and give you thickness. Albeit You’ll actually wake up with hair that’s thicker.

Go for layers
Long hair indeed lacks thickness, but layers will allow thickness and volume at once.

Use dry texturizing spray
Lift up small sections of your hair and spray a bit texurizing spray of product at the root of each section. Do it for the whole hair. Take a tooth comb and do backcomb gently. Don’t go rough on this. Use your fingers through thicker hair to get the desired look

Here are some tips to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker instantly. Apply these techniques and get thick and voluminous hair at once that is desirable and hard earned. Do not sigh over fine and thin hair from now on!