The Ultimate Mermaid Braid Tutorial For The Newbie

Mermaid Braid hairstyle is the classy and trendy hairstyle that women of every age fancy. Even Mermaid hairstyle is also popular among children with long hair.     This article will give you a complete ‘know how’ of these spectacular braid which is the newest thing in hair and going all the rage this season!

This is a kind of enhanced French braid. This splendid hairstyle can be dressed up every occasion and can be recreated on an everyday hairstyle.

If you are familiar with the French braid then, this mermaid braid is a piece of cake for you. The technique of this braid is same as French braiding, but when strands are braided properly, the hair underneath opens up. This gives it a more mysterious and comprehensive look at the each part of the braids are visible. Feel free to try this mermaid braid tutorial. I am sure you will find it worth wearing and find yourself trying it more!

Directions: How Mermaid Braid can be done!

How to:

Pull over all the hair to the opposite shoulder. Take out a part of hair from the right/left (whatever comfortable) side of the top of a head. Divide this into three pieces for the braid. Make a cross the back strand over the middle. Then cross the front strand over the middle. Cross the back strand over the middle, then pull up a small section of hair directly below the braid. Cross the front strand over the middle, and then add a small section of hair directly in front of the braid. Repeat it like you have done before with the hair pulled from the back of the braid. Keep braiding, until the braid reaches the bottom of the hair. Once all the hair is braided, tie off the end with a hair band. Here you go!

Each every girl nowadays fancy cute looking mermaid braids hairstyles. This haircut may seem tricky at the first try. If you are familiar with braids especially French braids, this hairstyle can be mastered within a few times attempt. Now it’s up to you! Wear it surprise people and rise and shine like a mermaid!

It’s not that hard, nor as easy as you like! Follow the below directions properly for a nice and splendid Mermaid Braid hairstyle: