The Trick to Making Your Eyes Look Bigger : How to Make Eyes Bigger Naturally

Women are considered the beauty of the population. They are colorful, unique, and very beautiful. Most of a woman’s beauty begin with the way that she applies her makeup to show off the beautiful contours of her features. There is one feature that every woman focuses her attention on the most, and that is her eyes. Every woman considers her eyes to be the part of her face that brings in the most focus. The eyes are the most important part when it comes to applying makeup, because this is the part of her face that most individuals notice first.


The eyes hold the beauty within her soul, as well as the beauty of her face. This is why many women concentrate on making her eyes look absolutely stunning, and they put their entire efforts into accomplishing this goal. The problem that most women face is the fact that they want their eyes to stand out and “pop” so that other peoples’ attention will be captured by their elegant beauty shining from them. The trick to making your eyes look bigger can be accomplished by following specific steps that will allow for you to be able to make your eyes look bigger and gorgeous.

Tricks To Making Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Curling Your Eyelashes 

Before taking any steps to create a bigger look to your eyes, it is important to make sure and start by applying your make-up like normal without touching your eyes just yet. The trick to making your eyes look bigger is to make sure that you give your skin tone that dewy or matte skin tone along with bright lips or neutral lips. Making sure you have the proper skin tone will determine how effective you will be when you begin to make your eyes look fuller. After you have applied all of the necessary products, you can then focus on your eyes. The first thing you will need to do is to curl your eye lashes. By doing this you are really opening up your eyes. However, you will want to be sure and curl them, not crimp them.

Dark Shades 

There are many women who believe that by applying darker shades that they are making their eyes look smaller. However, it is the lighter colors that do this, and it is beneficial to smudge a dark brown eye shadow underneath your bottom lash lid, and press it in to make it stick to the outside third of your eye, and do not apply any color onto your waterline of your eye.

Applying A Color To Your Waterline 

You may have heard the fact that by applying a white eye liner to your waterline that it will make your eyes appear bigger, and this is an incredibly true fact. However, it is not very wearable at all. The better thing to do would be to apply a pale champagne hue to your waterline, and also to your top if you would like. If you are not satisfied with the pale champagne results, then you can add the champagne hue over white and this will help to add a punch to the color. After doing this, then you will need to apply a flesh colored shade to your eye lids, and it would work better if you make sure that this color is a bit lighter than your skin tone, and also make sure that it has a shimmer or a glitter to it.


After finishing up with the last step, you will then need to add a thick layer of mascara to your top eye lashes. If you use a fan brush, this will be the easiest way to focus your mascara on the roots of your lashes because this makes your lashes look larger, whereas clumps make them look smaller. Then you will need to use the fan brush to lightly skim over your bottom lashes to prevent clumping on the bottom as well. The trick to making your eyes look bigger is to make sure that your mascara is applied properly to make your eyes look more open.


Now that you have finished the final step of making your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, you will feel gorgeous and flawless. Following these simple steps will give you the look that you want to achieve and you will feel accomplished and complete. Every woman wants to feel like they look perfect and stunning, and applying her makeup in the proper way gives her the ability to feel unique, confident, and with a beauty that they can show off to the world around her.

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