8 Most Appealing Summer Makeup Tips : Hot Weather Makeup

When it comes to summer, you have to get ready for the warm affections of the weather. If you are tensed about the hot weather, we can make you relief with these eight most appealing summer makeup tips for this summer..

Exfoliate Your Face

When your dead skin cells flake off, the old tan will come off with it but gentle facial exfoliation will help keep your skin free of clogged pores and create a better shade for makeup application. Reserve your exfoliating habits for days when you aren’t heading straight from the shower to the pool.

Take Time to Prime

Always do the first things first so before anything else, start with the primer, and this includes the primer for your eyes and lips. Concealer can be used if you don’t have specific products. This step creates smooth working space for the rest of your makeup and will help product stay put longer. Humidity reaches all-time high, shine-controlling variations to minimize the look of lines and pores while instantly muting unwanted oils.

Try a Tinted Moisturizer

If it is hard for you to bear to go bare, apply a light layer of a tinted moisturizer for a sheer glow skin or you can always make your tinted coverage. You should mix oil-free moisturizer with a foundation for a softer, sheerer glowing skin because this is summer time.

Invest in the Proper Tools

Most of the girls like to have a light base during the summer for the hot weather, but if it is not applied properly it may slide off the face ending up with a slick oil face. To resist the makeup landslide apply your tinted moisturizer with a synthetic buffing brush. This process helps foundation last much longer, and keeps it from looking oily.

Use Multitasking Makeup

Invest in a product that does it all such as the lips, lids, and cheeks. It keeps your bag not weighty and gives your look a soft, monochromatic focus. You may like Bite Beauty Multistick.

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is Holy Grail in the world of beauty and everyone start with their eyes first, when trying to get makeup. When you reach the milestone of a perfect eye makeup it only can be described as marvelous. Get cat eye look to your upper lid using black; cream eyeliner or create a smoky shape to make an attractive appearance.


Hair is an important part of makeup and in the summer it should be a little bit different than other seasons. Many of you might want to keep the hair short but of course you can style your hair with the right product for the summer. Be sure to take protection from the sunshine and the heat.

Switch to Waterproof Formulas

There’s nothing disgusting than mid-day mascara or eyeliner slide off. Avoid the raccoon-eye look by investing in a waterproof version of your favorite eye product and it is a must do the thing in the summer. The summer’s high temperatures and the heat from the body will end up either running or will have to be reapplied all day with most of the products. Waterproof eyeliner won’t smear, run and you can even swim in the pool.

Make your summer makeup tips easy and adjustable with the summer makeup tips 2018.