4 Stylish Ways To Wear Short Shorts : Styler World

Before getting started please allow me to have a moment to say that I am very, very sorry for getting the annoying 50’s song Short Shorts stuck in your head, it drives me crazy too. Now, moving on…

4 Stylish Ways To Wear Short Shorts : Styler World

With the fast approaching summer you are more than likely prepping to get into shorts-mode, and these summer-essential bottoms are shorter than ever this season. Bermuda’s and capris have lost most of their charm and are sitting this one out for the time being (but don’t worry, they’ll be back). This year the craze is showing some skin, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

It seems that 2016 summer fashion is all about pushing the limit and revealing as much leg as humanly possible, without breaking the law when in public. But unfortunately, this trend may be a little too bold for those who are timid about showing off their legs or embarrassed about the ultra pale skin that they developed over the winter and may not feel ready to jump head first into this look just yet. Believe it or not though, there really is nothing to fear because there are plenty of stylish ways to wear short shorts without these issues having to be a problem.

Four Stylish Ways To Wear Short Shorts

Blast From The Past

The shorts over tights look that was birthed in the first part of the 90’s has been reappearing, but this time, it’s a little more refined. With the world’s renewed love for leggings still going strong, it’s not unusual to spot the combination of short shorts and leggings (or footless tights), and the results are surprisingly lovely to say the least. Ultra short shorts over liquid leggings can be the perfect ensemble for a night on the-the town and dancing, and they even look amazing with heels. With the shorts/leggings look in the room the glitzy mini skirts are going to have their work cut out for them when competing for attention, and the party dress is going to have no other choice but to step aside. White shorts over opaque black leggings and pointed-toe flats can convert the trend into work appropriate attire. The layering of shorts and leggings also opens the door to a vast amount of ways to play with color and pattern, making for a thoroughly stylish way to wear short shorts.

Faux Shorts

This one isn’t technically actual short shorts, but summer rompers are too adorable to be ignored and excluded. They come in a diverse range of lengths but it’s the ultra short ones that are to be admired (not to mention are the most comfortable). Part of what makes these feminine adult onesies’ ultra short lengths so acceptable is the innocent look and stigmas they seem to carry from their cute little-girl-esque appearance.

Retro Chic

Sailor pants have returned with an updated take on the look, and you guessed it, they’re now short shorts. These shorts have to be one of the sharpest looking summer fashion trends ever. Not only do they show some extra skin, but they also give the illusion of additional height due to the high waist and the traditional two vertical rows of decorative buttons. With these you can keep the nautical theme going with a striped or simple white tucked in blouse. Or, if you’re feeling in a more playful mood, a tied on halter top can be very flattering on slender figures.


Wearing short shorts doesn’t have to strictly apply to fashion, they can also serve a purpose as well. Remember wearing skorts when you were little? It was a good idea wasn’t it? They were a way to look girly while being able to preserve your sense of modesty at the same time. The same premise can apply to short shorts. Wearing them under a particularly short sun dress can make you feel a little more secure. They also can work well under a beach cover-up as well as under a sheer or lace tunic and save you from looking a little too risque.

Shorts, hot pants, Daisy Dukes, call them what you will, no one has to feel excluded from the short shorts trend. The highly revealing nature of short shorts can be intimidating at first, but once you slap a pair on and then wear them for about five minutes you’ll be over those jitters and ready to flaunt your stems in a way that looks completely amazing and bound to draw some attention…in a good way.

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