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The standard party dress lives a pretty sad existence when you think about it. From no fault of her own, despite how gorgeous she is and how desperately she wants to be out roaming the world like the rest of your wardrobe, she’s all too often left hidden away in your closet, holding her breath and waiting for the next appropriate event to come along so she can finally come out and make a public appearance. Chances are, you may even have a couple of these lovely ladies hiding in the back of your closet, and it’s up to you to help these girls out and give them a chance to roam about in environments other than a party. Here are a couple of ways to sneak your friend into your regular daily attire by dressing her down so she can fit in.

Super Tips for Styling A Party Dress

Blazer Or Jacket

A well-fitted blazer looks sharp no matter what it’s paired with. Slapping one on gives sophistication to any outfit you can conjure up. When styling a party dress with one they can make a bodycon dress look like a simple pencil or mini skirt making it look professional and work appropriate. If you’re wearing a dress with a flared skirt, a blazer will give the appearance of it simply being an A-line or skater skirt. Jackets can work similarly as blazers depending on it’s shape and type, and doubt I need to go too into detail about how amazingly sex an everyday leather jacket is or how sharp it would look over a shift dress.

Crop Top

For a particularly funky and adventurous look when styling a party dress try partnering together a loose crop top over a bodycon dress. A crop top that’s looser with an off the shoulder neckline can provide an interesting addition of playfulness since the top of the dress will be allowed to peek out.


Make way for everybody’s favorite accessory… the scarf. When assembling an outfit there is nothing nearly as versatile as the scarf. It can be functional, decorative, complimentary, disguising and tone setting depending on the scarf you choose. A bulky oversized scarf thrown on can completely repurpose your party dress for another event.

Tights Or Leggings

Very often, when it comes showing some skin, bare legs or even nylons tend to make a dress lean more towards a formal or social occasion. But pairing a party dress with leggings or opaque tights can counteract that effect and tame the appearance of your dress and make it more easily fit into casual or even work settings.

Boots Or Flats

What spells the word party more than your shoes? A pair of glitzy, stellar, sky-high heels can be the very thing that makes your dress turn into a party dress. So likewise, boots or flats can transform it into a casual one. For a cuter look ballerina flats can always deliver, and for something more elegant try turning to pointed toed ones instead. Or if you go the boot route, a pair of over the knee boots with heels can vamp up an outfit in a manner that is still appropriate for the daylight hours. And if you want a really quirky punk type look try experimenting with a pair of combat boots.

Sheer Or Lace Blouses

Many of the items on this list is focused on covering parts of your dress to hide it’s formal appearance, but if it’s one of your favorites chances are good that you want to show it off at least a little. Using a sheer or lace blouse with a casual cut, such as a crew neck or a button up shirt, can allow your dress to be seen without it being an absolute party animal.


You undoubtedly saw this one coming from a mile away. When is a cardigan not included in a style list after all? But there’s a reason for that, a cardigan is the fashion world’s master of disguise and is one of the best ways to give a casual tone to an outfit. Whether it be the cute preppy standard cardigan or the loose boyfriend sweater, these pieces are made specifically for layering and can conceal how festive the dress you’re wearing really is.

There is a trend here in case you haven’t noticed, the key to styling a party dress to make it everyday appropriate is accomplished with layers. By arranging the right pieces over or under a party dress you can effortlessly incorporate it into your regular wardrobe rotation and allow it to see the light of day on a far more regular basis.

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7 Super Tips for Styling A Party Dress


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