Style Ideas That Make Every Woman Look Sexy

Believe it or not, there really are styles that can make every woman look sexy. At times it may seem that modern fashion trends appear as if they are designed for one specific body type. In our day and age that particular mindset is not limited to just the super skinny model physiques like they traditionally used to be. With the long-awaited acceptance of curves there is still the problematic fashion obstacle of trends that require certain assets for them to look the way they should. With so many styles that require D-cups or the curves of a full butt or six-pack abs, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But these three fashion Musketeers are here to raise your spirits and give you few style ideas that make every woman look sexy..

Style Ideas That Make Every Woman Look Sexy 2021

Empire Waists and Variations of Them

The empire waist has been around as long as the concept of fashion has, and keeps reinventing itself in ways that keep it up to date with the times. The basic design principle of the empire waist is that it’s fitted at the bust only while being relatively loose and nonform-fitting everywhere below that point. In other words, its bring a certain amount of attention to our most feminine asset while leaving the remainder of a woman’s figure as a secondary focus. Part of what makes empire waists so sexy on all women is how forgiving they are of your natural shape. They can be filled by women who have larger cup sizes, or can create the illusion of having one.

The most common fashion trend that we see today is the baby doll dress. The baby doll dress (and occasionally tunic) trend appears nearly everywhere in the fashion spectrum ranging from spring and summer dresses to formal wear, to even lingerie. The standard baby doll dress typically has a hem that hits somewhere above the knees, but of course there are exceptions. How tight the bust area is can vary with the current empire waist/baby doll trend, but there is always something that in one way or another emphasizes the bust region. This cut of clothing is to some extent a classic, and it’s persistence in fashion is proof that it’s a style that every woman can look sexy, or even just cute in.


The rise of leggings related fashion truly is a godsend to women everywhere. Partnering them with large sweaters or tunics is incredibly comfortable while at the same time provides every woman with a sexy appearance. They add no bulk to the shape of your legs and give them an ultra smooth and streamlined look. They are one of the best style investments a woman can make due to the fact that work wonderfully for you modest ladies who aren’t fond of showing off their legs, or to those of you that skipped shaving your legs during your last shower. No matter the case, leggings will still let you look and feel sexy. Leggings also are wonderful because they come in styles that accommodate the season. Capris can help keep you cool in the summer, opaque footed tights of fleece lined leggings keep you warm in winter. They are certainly far sexier than the old-school long underwear that women used to have to pull out every mid-October.

High Waisted Bottoms and Crop Tops

The trend of pair high waists with short tops is a lovely combination of looks that traditionally were ideal for body types that are complete opposites. Skirts with high waists were great for larger women. The retro-influenced A-line skirts were great for the shyer types that wanted to conceal their curves, and the lovingly tight hugging pencil skirts were an incredibly sexy way to flaunt them. Then there are crop tops that are on the complete another side of the spectrum. Up until recently, cropped garments were reserved for only the skinny and fit, and it was considered unacceptable for anyone larger to show even the slightest sliver of their torsos. As of late, high waisted skirts have been becoming increasingly popular, with shorts and pants catching up with the trend. Likewise, crop tops are now available in numerous dainty forms that include cardigans, sweaters, bralettes, halter tops, and pretty much any other kind of top you can think of. When put together, you get a beautifully modern an chic style that makes every woman mouthwatering. s

Moral of the story?… thick and thin shapes no longer have to seem like they’re competing on who looks best. These three looks are prime examples of styles that make every woman look sexy and makes all body types equals in the fashion playing field.

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