3 Stupid Style Errors That Make You Look Older : Common Style Errors

Several style errors make you look older, but fashion is more than the latest trend to grace the magazine ads. Fashion is a way to define who you are to the world. Fashion is a choice of colors and patterns that express moods and emotions. Here are just a few style errors that make you look older than what you are, and you should avoid them..

3 Stupid Style Errors That Make You Look Older : Common Style Errors

Stupid Style Errors That Make You Look Older

Dressing For Your Age:

Not dressing for your age is one style error that can make you look older. If you are in your 20’s by all means wear the baby doll dress and leggings. Flaunt what you have and enjoy your youth. Those who are older, however, need to let go of this trend and wear clothes that don’t scream that you are trying too hard to hold on to your youth. Ditch the leggings for jeans. It is okay to wear the baby doll dress as a top as long as it is paired with a cute pair of jeans that enhances your form. Don’t go with the jeans the lift your bum. These jeans will only cause you to look older. The way to properly wear the baby doll shirt and jeans is to be inspired by the 50’s rock n roll style. Roll up the jeans to mid calf and sport a cute pair of open toe wedge shoes. The younger crowd can get away with not wearing the jeans rolled up, but the style is beautiful no matter what the age.


Applying too much makeup is a style error to make you look older than you are. Makeup is meant to enhance the natural beauty, not to mask every wrinkle and line. The older you get, the harder it is to conceal these blemishes, but find a softer alternative. The heavy foundation will only increase the wrinkles and clog the pores of your face. Dark eyeshadow that is smeared over the entire eye may have been the style in the 70’s, but it is not groovy anymore. Cut down on the eyeshadow. Colors may be intense like what Doe Deere produces. Her cosmetic line is vibrant and beautiful and helps to retain some of the youthful spirits. If you notice, though, she colors her face correctly by ditching the heavy blush and mixes colors that match the style she is going for. Make-up is one of the major accessories to any girl’s arsenal that if done wrong is a style error to make you look older. Try to keep things simple and elegant. Color is great and fun, but caking foundation on is not okay. There are now different products out on the market to help with the wrinkles and lines that you are trying to hide. Don’t use make-up for a substitute for a different product. If you are trying to hide lines, get a cream to help fill in the lines. If you have dark spots, there is a cream to help with that as well.

Hair Colors:

Styling errors that make you look older for your hair can be tricky to come over. There are so many different colors to choice from on the market these days, from lavender to red and every shade in between. Refrain from going all out and dying your whole head unnatural colors if you are in your 30’s or older. The half n half or sombrero will be better suited for those who want to dye their hair. Even streaking your hair with one color is fine, but stick with one color. Another way to get your hair looking amazing by dying is to fade it in. Fading color to color will make you look younger as long as you keep the crown of your head your natural color. Getting older means that gray hair might begin to show up. If you dye your hair, your natural color then fade colors into it, and you will appear young and full of life. However, those gray hairs will be more dominant on full colored heads and will stand out like a sore thumb. Coloring is a tricky subject, too much color and it becomes a style error to make you look older, which is not what anyone wants. Too little color and it seems that you aren’t trying hard enough. The best way to figure out how color should be applied is to talk with your hair stylist.

There are so many styling errors that will make you look older than you are and it is important to know your limits. It ‘s hard to realize that time has passed by, especially with all the cute outfits and styling tips. One thing for sure is to stay true to yourself. Go for the outfit that makes you happy, but if your body doesn’t fit well it in, don’t buy it on impulse. Wear clothes that aren’t as tight but still look good. Don’t overdo it on the makeup trying to make your face look like it’s going to melt in the sun. There is a saying that less is more, and it is absolutely true with makeup. Wear shoes that are flattering. If your feet and ankles are swollen, try wearing flats instead of heels. There are several styles out there for wedges and pumps that are flattering for all ages so hang up the stilettos.