5 Spring Essentials For Ladies Who Always Looks Effortless

It may be tricky when making your grocery list of essentials to wear for the ladies because the fashion trends of 2016 have a metric ton of pretty looks to choose from. The current array of colors and styles are pleasantly switching gears from winter to spring with lovely looks that will easily transition to summer when the time comes. Here are a few essentials to be wearing now for the ladies.

Five Spring Essentials For Ladies

The Floral Slip Dress

A slip dress with a dainty floral prints is an essential that women need to be wearing now because they can easily be dressed either up or down in multiple ways. The slender material makes them an easy item to layer over leggings and under a baggy and bulky sweater or cardigan. The dress over pants trend has been making a comeback as of late which also makes the slip dress an essential item for women. By pairing together the ultra feminine floral slip dress with a pair of jeans you effortlessly create a lovely stylish equilibrium. They are also a light and simple dress that you’ll be grateful you have once the cooler months of spring pass and the sweltering hot temperatures of summer are in full throttle.

Anything Pastels

While wearing pastels during spring isn’t an exceptionally new concept, the current pallet of popular colors certainly are. The past few seasons were the heyday for cool mints, warm nudes or off whites and pretty baby pinks; but now the dominating colors are shimmery quartz/grays and dusty pinks and mauves that are beautiful when worn separately, but rock when paired together. Another combination that is almost too pretty is the pairing of light peaches and lilacs. This highly feminine color combination makes for great spring dresses and easily translates to cosmetics as well.

Light Cotton Skater Skirt

Flowy materials tend to dominate when it’s warm and a gently draping skater skirt is a modern take on that tradition. The skater skirt looks previously involved being made from stiffer pleated materials that gave them a short and adorable A-line shape. Now the style is focusing on lighter materials with a much more relaxed form that look immensely cute with both snug or equally flowy tops. Their ability to work with nearly every modern top trend currently available makes them a wardrobe essential for women to be wearing now.

Retro-Inspired A-Line Midi Skirt

In contrast to the draped skater skirt, the A-line midi is often pleated as well but with a material that can support and emphasize a bold A-line shape. As it’s name suggests, the midi skirt sits mid torso and typically has a hem that ends mid-leg, although there are many variations that are both shorter or longer. This trend has been popular enough to carry over to multiple seasons and is an essential to be wearing now for ladies since it show’s no signs of stopping it’s run in the near future.

Bralettes, Bandeaus and Bustiers

These lovely little pieces are an easy way of playing with the idea of wearing underwear as outerwear, and are a great alternative for those that don’t feel brave or comfortable enough to sport the mildly controversial trend in public. Bralettes are basically a combination of a crop top with a bra and eliminate the need to wear both. Modern bustiers are typically shorter than their older counterparts. They are acceptable to be worn by most body types and they look amazing paired with a sheer top or separately with high-waisted skirts, pants and shorts. Bandeaus are also an essential being worn now by ladies that are multi functional. They vary in length and can be used as a top or a strapless bra and can be worn in the same ways as bralettes and bustiers. As mentioned before, all three tops work best with high waisted bottoms and look somewhat risque with pants or skirts with waists that fall below the belly button.

These five items are THE essentials to wear now for ladies. If they’re in your closet, you have everything you need to complete your modern and chic 2016 spring/summer wardrobe. No matter the occasion, if you have the need to dress up or dress down, going for coffee of clubbing, hanging with friends or flings, all five pieces can easily oblige whatever the demand.

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5 Spring Essentials For Ladies Who Always Looks Effortless