Unbelievably Easy and simple Tutorial For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can be somewhat tricky when picking your makeup color scheme. Certain shades are highly vulnerable to looking washed out, lifeless and in some cases downright creepy depending on the makeup colors you pair them with (unless off course, that’s the look you’re going for). They can also be an even bigger challenge when you factor in skin tone and hair color, which can alter the appearance of your peepers making the need for makeup in some cases much more important. If you’re the type that frequently likes to get experimental with their hair colors or fall asleep in the sun once summer hits (and shame on you, if you do) you may need to know a few makeup tips for blue eyes that can bring them out or tone them down to balance out your appearance..

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes And Fair Skin

Know Your Basics

Do you (artists excluded) remember learning the color wheel in school? Just as a recap if you don’t, it was a simplified tool that explained how color worked in all forms of pigmentation. Understanding a little color theory highly plays into the appearance of your eyes with the application of makeup. All coloring is some kind of combination of the three primary colors which are red, yellow and blue. After the that there were the secondary colors which were orange (yellow + red), green (yellow + blue), and violet (red + blue). All colors from there were made from the addition of more primary colors. Tone could also come into play by adding white, which is the absence of color, and black, the equal combination of all three primary colors. Colors that are directly across from each other are complimentary..

Bring Them Out

The number one rule for bringing out blue eyes is using makeup colors that contain as little blue pigment as possible. If you want your blue eyes to look so vibrant that they can be seen from miles you want to use colors from the wheel that are closest to it’s complimentary color which is orange. When it comes to the makeup that is juxtaposed next to your blue eyes, the less blue pigmentation they contain the better. Orange is complementary to blue and the use of warmer colors such as peach, amber/rust and even golds will make blue eyes incredibly vivid. Blue eyes will look less vibrant if they have to compete with blue pigments in makeup.

Dim Down The Blue

Of course, not everybody is looking to draw attention to themselves, and you may prefer tamer looks on a normal day to day basis. Neutral colors go hand-in-hand with natural looks and are flattering on all eye colors and are easy color scheme to fall back on. But if you want to add some color to your pallet, it’s at this point that you can feel free to start incorporating makeups with blue pigmentation. Using toned down variations of aquas, lilac, grays/silvers and emeralds will provide blue eyes with a gentle and airy appearance that is far less aggressive looking than the complimentary colors.

Other Kinds of Blue Eyes

There is a bit of debate over whether violet and gray eyes truly count as an eye color. From a distance they may appear to be those hues but if you examine them closely you’ll see that they’re actually a diluted or highly saturated tone of blue. Eyes like are similar but have slightly different color rules than the standard blue eyes and have a subtle shift with how they play into color theory. Blue-purples shades on violet eyes or silvers partnered with gray eyes tend to drown out natural eye colors. As mentioned before though, they do have similar colors schemes and are complimented by the warmer colors containing little blue. Eyes that aren’t actually green but have subtle hints of it also have slightly different rules since pinks and reds are highly complimentary and teals can make them appear dimmer.

In the end, the best makeup tip for blue eyes (and any other color for that matter) is that they are everybody’s best feature and it’s hard ever to go wrong no matter what colors you pair them with. No matter what the occasion or your personal preference your makeup is meant to support the appearance of your eyes, not dominate or hide them. So as long as your pretty baby blues can be seen, they will always have a positive impact on your appearance.

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Unbelievably Easy and simple Tutorial For Blue Eyes