Remington S5500 Digital Hair Straightener Review

Are you a crazy hair straightner lover? Willing to create new designs at your lovely hair or willing to create something unique as a hair style through your hair straightner? And so, you always go with different and new hair straightners through the passage of time to make experiment which one will be better for you to get your expected result. Not it Beside this you always search for such facilities which will give you a great support in travelling. That means, wherever you go and wherever you use it, there is not much possibility to get it damage as you want to bring variety in your hair design through the differences of location.

Remington S5500 Digital Hair Straightener Review

Not it? But I think you are passing your time with a great hesitation that which one will be better for you from a huge number of hair straightener in the market and could not expected result using many expensive hair straightener. And it can be said that, you have clicked in this link after visiting a large number of link as you didn’t get you expected solution. If the answer of all of these questions above is yes, then I will say that, you have clicked in the right link. Today, we are presenting you an exciting product. And it is, Remington S5500 Digital Hair Straightener Review.


  • Inexpensive options: how it will be, if I say you that you will get your expected facilities within a reasonable price? Obviously it will be exciting news for you. Yes, it is true. You will get some wonderful facilities, such as, the most attractive Digital Anti Static 1 Inch Ceramic. You will get multiple (two) options of size to choose your product. 1 and 1.75 inch. As these two options will give you different facilities, so, select your product according to your necessity. Such as 1 inch sized product is preferred by medium or short hair owner and 1.75 inch sized is preferred by long or coarse hair owner. And, all of these facilities you will get at a very cheap rate.
  • Float for a reason: another exclusive facility of this product is, here you will get floating plates through which you will be able to gain your expected result which you have planned with a great comfort. As here there is balanced heating capacity, you wouldn’t worry about hair damage. It starts to provide heat within a very short time, and the heating level of this ceramic plate is up to 410 degree.
  • Shut-off on its own: the matter which has ensured a high level of satisfaction to many women is, auto shut off facility which is very rare to find at any hair straightner. So, if you forget to shut off this straightner after using it due to any unavoidable busyness, no need to be anxious. So, sometimes it is seen that, many women prefer this product most only for it’s this facility.  So, you may consider this facility at the time of buying a hair straightner.
  • Warranty for wear: thing, which you expect much besides having another expected facilities at the time if buying an electronic product is warranty. Not it? From this product you will also get this facility very well, you may think that, as it is a cheap rated product, if will not give you a long time warranty facility. But not at all. You will get 2 years warranty period from this product.
  • Digital details: the most unique and attractive part of this product for which women prefer this product most now a day’s most is digital details system. That means, at the time of using this product, it will ensure you what is your temperature level through the passage of time and through how much time you are using it. overall, this facility will help you understand you that, for how many time you will need to create your wanted design.


  • Not specifically floating: Unfortunately, the floating plates that square measure purported to build it easier to push your hair through the iron don’t work in addition as they assert. In fact, there’s only 1 floating plate and also the alternative one is fastened. Floating plates work well along as a result of they’re ready to flex, making certain they meet once clamping the hair, (unlike fastened plates that can’t get any nearer along than they already square measure. Another more modest however still fantastic a part of the S5500 is its purple! Purple is my favorite color, and most of the irons I’ve had within the past are a completely boring black.
  • DON’T Burn Baby Burn: If you’re not huge on the smell of burning substances, this model most likely won’t suit you. For a few reason, the iron lets off a burning smell once it’s heating up, however there isn’t something there to be burned. I notice this touch regarding once you’re progressing to be place it on your hair. That being aforementioned, several users have rumored it doesn’t last forever thus perhaps it’s one thing to try to with a “new” heat smell?
  • Temperature management Don’t Expect It Low: If you have got hair that’s super sensitive to heat and wish a device that has the choice for very low temperatures, once more this won’t be the one for you. The rationale for this is often being rock bottom setting I can see is 310 degrees. I’ll say is that if you have got “sturdy” hair that’s a shorter vogue this model will over probably work for you.


Today we have tried to provide you a complete idea about a wonderful product. So, decision is in your hand. But if you are really interested about using this product, then it is necessary to say about one interesting matter, that, it is purple in color which is seem to be an attractive color to the women. Though it has some problematic sides, but due to its digitalization, and as it is greatly helpful in travelling, so, as a purple color lover and travel lover women, you may keep it under consideration.