Valentine Makeup Looks Wearing Red Lipsticks

If there is one go to beauty look we can always depend on in times of need, is the red lipstick. Red lipsticks are, have been, and always will be a beauty chief. It is an excellent weapon of seduction. The red lip is the assertion makeup look we keep coming back to. These endless red lipstick looks are all the motivation we need to get our lip brushes at the ready for our next Valentine. So to makes things easier, we have made some tips and tricks to perfect your red lips for this Valentine..

Valentine Makeup Looks Wearing Red Lipsticks

1. Lip liners are not your enemy. Those days are gone when your lip color rubs off. You can use a red lip liner. Color in the whole lip for extra holding power and ease of mind. For a smooth finish, try the velvet lip liner.

2. You have to think about the rest of your makeup also. You can wear a red lip and pink blush. As long as the blush is used as a regular flush.

3. Don’t forget about your whole look. A bold red lip often can be the perfect lift to an all-black outfit.

4. Keep your eye makeup simple, if it’s a Valentine daytime look. A smoky eye and red lips is a statement indeed. Let your lips do the talking.

5. Red lips don’t always have to be bold. You can attach some balm first for a more thin and natural color, and then add lipstick by patting on with your finger. Start from the center and dabbing outwards. This will create more of a vicious lip look.

6. Want your lips to look a little bigger? Just a dab of the lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip can do the trick.

7. Occupy a tissue and stain your lips, if you find that your lips look a little too red. You need to avoid rubbing your lips together. This can mold your well-defined edges.

8. Change things up by tossing a red lip balm and assuming your eye makeup to be the superstar of your Valentine’s Day outlook. They say a bit goes a longer way, and that is rather the event when holding a sheer coat of red over your pout.

9. To make sure that your red lipstick stays in place all night long, even though you want to snitch a couple of kisses, the work starts before your lip color comes onto the aspect. To prepare for an animated red, you can use a lip primer before you proceed. Then, you have to follow with your lipstick as usual.

10. Once you are all done, be careful when you are applying your lipstick. It is time to set up your lip look. Firstly, you have to place a tissue over your lips. Then, pitch a plumy makeup brush into a unbound obvious face powder.