Permanent Hair Straightening Method at Home : Easy Methods

Women always love to have long beautiful straight hair. And to get straight hair they try different things and permanent hair straightening is one of them before going for the hair straightening you should know what it stands for why you should do it and how you should do it? Hair straightening removes your wavy curls permanently using chemicals treatments to give you flowy luscious locks. There are several ways of doing hair straightening which are temporary or permanent. If you choose to straighten your hair permanently there are two popular ways. we have described about best hair straightening method at home..

Permanent Hair Straightening Method at Home

Using hair straightener everyday takes much time to manage your hair. Why don’t you go for permanent hair straightening ? It will save your both time and energy both besides giving you a nice look. If you are looking for permanent hair straightening method you are in right place. Just keep reading.

For permanent hair straightening you need the following things:

  • Hair relaxer
  • Protective gear
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

For doing this job you need to pick a hair relaxer at first. You will get a variety of choices in the market.
It is really put you in deep thinking whether you will buy relaxer with lye or relaxer without lye. To get the thing easy you must know about two things about hair relaxer. They are: If you want to do normal or every straightening at home on your bushy and curly hair, you must go for relaxer without lye. However it will make your hair dull and quite responsible for your hair damage. However, it will be the right choice for permanent hair straightening, if your hair is too bushy and super curly. Another thing is that if you have medium curly and silky hair the best thing that you should go for permanent hair straightening is to choose hair relaxer with lye. You will get your desired results in this without getting much damage in your hair.

Before beginning working on permanent hair straightening put on protective gear. It will protect your skin and clothes from any unwanted problems while you dealing with the products. After that get the things out from the packet, and mix the ingredients following the manual directions with wooden or plastic spatula. If the mixture is ready for use then leave it for some time- 2 or 3 minutes. In the mean time apply petroleum jelly around ear, hair line and neck; it will protect your skin from soaking in the chemicals. Then do a quick check of the mixture. Simply leave it on your skin and leave it for few minutes, so that you let know whether you have any reaction with this mixture.

Divide your hair into some sections. It is important for permanent hair straightening to get relaxer equally in all portion of your hair.  Apply the mixture on your hair, and leave it for mentioned time that is directed on the instruction. One more thing that is really important is time. It is often seen that we do not count the time while applying any mixture on our hair or face. It becomes responsible for unwanted hair damage or skin damage. So set the timer before applying relaxer on your hair for permanent hair straightening that is mentioned in the instructions.

After applying the mixture with the brush comb your hair with a plastic comb. So that you could ensure that the mixture is applied equally, for this purpose wide toothed plastic brush is better. It will help to take the mixture top to bottom of your hair. When the time is up then wash your hair with clean, fresh water. Use mild shampoo to wash off. To remove odor, you can use shampoo twice. After ensuring that your hair is totally washed off, use conditioner and then rinse it off with cool water. Using Hair conditioner will prevent your hair damage that causes from the chemicals.

if you like to do it outside and like to spend some money here are thw two most popular method of hair straightening. read to learn more.

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening is also called Breezilian straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment Keratin Cure. It is a permanent hair straightening method that is very popular worldwide. This hair straightening method is processed by briefly taping a liquid keratin and a preservative solution with a flat iron. This process involves much chemical usage and losing popularity day by day. Some types of these treatments with excessive formalin have been banned in several countries including EU and Canada. It is still performed in USA under some rules and regulations with controversy. This hair straightening method eliminates frizz and straighten the hair permanently that last for 3 months. These keratin-based treatments are performed on all types of chemically-treated and virgin hair. If it can be done correctly 80-90% of curls can be straightened on first attempt. Depending on the treatment you might have to keep your hair away from water and packed in order to get the best result.

Before opting for this method you should know about Occupational safety and health hazard alert. In acknowledgement to an investigation into complaints from stylists and hair professionals about exposure to formaldehyde while using straightening products. Many products were labeled as no formaldehyde and some had no warning about formaldehyde.

If your hair is thick, curly, or frizzy, this hair straightening method can be good for you. You should learn a lot before stepping ahead and you should know how this method works. This process doesn’t suit to all types of hair and the chemicals used may damage your hair. Using this method your hair will remain straight for 3 to 6 months. Your hair will be shiny, smooth and silky; and the bad thing is it could be greasy and spread smells of chemical. Formaldehyde can cause cancer and it has been banned in several countries like Canada and EU.

Japanese hair straightening

Before knowing the details of the method you should know the basics of this process. Japanese hair straightening is a popular way to get your hair permanently straight. The method was originated in japan in 1990. It turns your curly wavy hair into pin straight treating with heavy chemicals. The process is known as thermal reconditioning as the process use flat irons. Japanese hair straightening first became popular in the USA in the early 2000.  Japanese hair straightening has many benefits and is better that keratin treatment. You don’t have to fight to dry, wavy or curly hair with a blow dryer and this is the greatest benefit. You can get professional look with minimum effort.

How It Works

This permanent hair straightening process will take at least 3 to 4 hours. It can take up to 8 hours depending on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair. In this method a special chemical is used to shape every strands of your hair.

There is some risk with the process so you need some consultations as you are going to change the look of your hair permanently. You should meet a consultant before scheduling for thermal reconditioning. If you are determined to go for this method you have to start the process by shampooing your hair. Then the solution will be applied after the shampooing unless you have a history of hair coloring or chemical using. A test will be used to make the decision about the process. After this process the hair will be rinsed and heat protector will be applied. A hair straightener will be used at very precise temperature. Neutralizer is applied to stabilize the balance of PH. After the process blow drying will be needed.

Side Effects That Is Caused From Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening may free you from some unwanted task that you need to do every day to make your hair beautiful, but at the same time, it causes some side effects. They are:

  • Makes your dry and frizzy.
  • Responsible for hair fall, damage natural shine of your hair.
  • While your hair is growing, you may get both curly and straight hair.
  • Damage your hair moisture.
  • Responsible for dandruff.
  • Sometimes you may get itchy scalp or any other skin problems.