19 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for the Adults out There!

The St. Patrick’s Day is not just for the kids, in fact, it is kind of a pretty awesome holiday for the adults to celebrate. There are too many things the adults can do to ensure that they have one of the best St. Patrick’s Day! Here we are sharing some of the favorite St. Patrick’s Day adult party ideas. Let’s make this holy St. Patrick’s Day one of the best one so far with these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for the adults. These can surely ensure you to have a blast on this holiday!

19 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for the Adults out There

1. You can throw a beautiful house party! You can invite your neighbors or your coworkers on for a beautiful fun night of the St. Patrick’s Day.

2. You can dress up like the leprechaun! You can have a much fun day at your work where every one of your coworkers dresses up as the leprechaun. The best costume will get all the gold.

3. You can create some super fun and super cute St. Patrick’s Day special jelly shots!

4. You can play the musical chairs at the St. Patrick’s Day Party. You might think that this game was very fun as the kids, but wait until you play this game as the adults.

5. You can have a cabbage eating match. All you need to see that who can eat most of the cabbage. He/ She will be the winner?

6. You can play a game of poker, but you can use the gold coins instead of the real money. The winner gets to take out for the drinks.

7. You can make a St. Patrick’s Day version of the Adult Bingo.

8. You can play a beautiful game of charades. The one and only rule will be that the theme has to be stay as the St. Patrick’s themed.

9. The craft day with all the ladies! The St. Patrick’s Day is one of the perfect chances to get a craft day with all the ladies. The guys out there can have a typical guy’s night out with drinking lots of the Irish Beers.

10. You can spend the whole evening by creating your own adult St. Patrick’s Day beverages. There are no rules to apply.

11. You can play the truth or dare in Irish style. There will be no rules to this kind of game. The wimps need not to apply.

12. You can come up with the best of the St. Patrick’s Day themed song since the drinking starts and then you can come up with one of the best song then the drinking will stop.

13. You can make your most favorite St. Patrick’s Day yummy desserts. Don’t need to worry, your calories won’t count.

14. Tasting the beer! You can spend the whole beautiful night tasting the new beers that you may never have tried before.

15. You can pin the beautiful Shamrock over the Leprechaun. You can make this as much as fun as you can.

16. You can play a game of the basketball where all the players will wear the top hats.

17. You can have a beautiful dinner party. Every one of you has to be dressed up in solid green and only the green drinks and the foods to be served.

18. The gold coin hunt! You can send everyone to a hunt on finding the most of the gold coins. The winner of the game will get a handsome cash prize.

19. The Hot Potato, St. Patrick’s Day style. When the running music will stop on you, all you need to take a shot.