Ojon Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment Review

Ojons Super Sleek Hair Straightening treatment is relatively new to the game hairs straightening solution. The brand recommends it as safe system that can be used at home.

Ojon Super Sleek Hair Straightening Treatment Review


Many karatin free smoothing treatment user complained that it leaves hair thin and weakened. Besides the disgusting smells that annoyed many users. Regardless, when Ojon introduced their Super Sleek Straightening treatment, the game is changed!

Why Ojons Super Sleek Hair Straightening treatment?

  • It smoothes hair at the same time reduces frizz
  • Ojon Super Sleek is easy-to-use hair-straightening treatment containing natural rich ingredients such as: pure Ojon oil, nature’s golden elixir; azurite, and plant keratin from wheat, soy, and corn.
  • It gently loosens the curved structure of loose to wavy or tight curls, making them smooth and sleek with added supple.

How to use

Shampoo hair using Smoothing Shampoo (We prefer using Ojon Super Sllek Shampoo) and towel dry. Shake treatment well before use and apply to towel-dried hair repel evenly throughout hair. For longer hair, use entire bottle. Comb hair through from roots to ends.

Keep the hair completely straight.

Leave treatment on for 30 minutes, combing hair straight several times. Do not apply any heat or covering. Rinse hair thoroughly for five to 10 minutes with warm water to remove treatment. Apply smoothing conditioner through hair (you can use Ojon Smoothing hair Conditioner). Blow hair dry, use brush.
After 24 hours, use shampoo and conditioner again to get super sleek and supple hair.