5 New Year’s Resolutions for Yogis for better practice

Modern yogis are high energetic and objectives centered, they treat yoga as boot camp. Yogis believe that practice of yoga is a lifelong pursuit to discovery the body mind and soul. When you think about boosting your yoga practice it’s easy to think about the classes. You might think to do side crane or flying pigeon. Hard or challenging poses could be one way to boost you practice, although there are many other ways to deepen your yoga practices. We all know by now that Yoga is beneficial for human health and there are many practitioners of yoga. For the sincere yogis we have collected a few resolutions for the New Year.

Learn or Master One New Yoga Pose per Week

Gathering skills of yoga poses never stops. Your body is constantly changing and your mind and confidence is evolving. Easy looking poses may seem simpler or easier to get into but you can take them to a whole new level of deepness with practice. You can study a poseand engage your muscles. You can breathe more; get different points and move into deeper pose.

Your objects might be to do a difficult pose. You can take the pose in stages over the lesson of several weeks. You can do the crane pose with your feet on yoga blocks. You can try lifting one foot and place a block in front of you if you are afraid of falling on your head. Mastering a pose per week can get you the knowledge of building strength and pointing weakness.

Try 10 Different Types of Yoga Classes

It’s easy to get sucked into one type of yoga. You find a yoga studio or class you like to stick with. There are many types of yoga poses to practice. Different teachers teach different philosophy, different styles of practice.

A heated yoga studio looks much different than a yin yoga studio. You have to be a more advance student to learn pranayama. You can join Kundalini yoga class which gives you lots of intense breathing exercises. You might take an Iyengar class before going advance.

Study and Implement limbs of yoga Per Month

Study and Implement One of the Eight Limbs of Yoga Per Month. Yoga is not just an exercise it’s a way of life. Embracing the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga is very important same as the daily yoga practice. The eight limbs are Patanjali are the yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and Samadhi and they have different principles. You can take a principle per month for yoga lifestyle practice.

Learn All the Different Types of Pranayama

Life means breathing, so if you can master the breath you can master your mind that means your life. There are many pranayama techniques such as the dirgha breath, the ujjayi breath, nadishodhana, kapalabhakti, bhastrika, and brahmari. You can practice a technique every day. Every technique is decorated for a specific reason, to generate a particular result such as thesitali breath is used to cool the heated body to calm the nerves if you’re excited.

Explore the Obscure Aspects of Yoga

You should learn some bizarre and less mainstream yoga practices like you might not hear the name of Bandha (the lock) practice. All kinds of bandhas like mulabandha (root lock), the uddiyanabandha (abdomen lock), and the jalandharabandha (chin lock) are very useful part of yoga exercise.

Take everything easy and enjoy the adventure. The resolutions are not to take as a pressure or a must-do thing. You should take it from the soul and soak into the deep over time. The perfect mind set will help you learn more.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Yogis for better practice