5 Best Mini Hair Straighteners | Small Hair straighteners For You

If you are a traveler or somehow you need to travel for business or other reasons you should know the barriers and challenges to keep the beauty stale. When leaving the room everything might be set but no space for the hair straightener as it is disturbing. But hair straighteners are one of the most important things for your hair concerning the beauty run. If you need to use flat iron often outdoor then you must need a mini hair straightener to carry it all the time. It is great to have a hair straightener in your vanity bag to get sleek and shiny hair wherever and whenever you want. We have some best mini hair straighteners for you to carry out of the home easily..

5 Best Mini Hair Straighteners

What makes a Mini Straightener different from a regular Straightener?

There is a lot of difference between the two hair straightening machines except the size. Regular hair straighteners are one of the most popular straighteners and which are designed for most hair types.  Generally, regular sized hair straighteners come with 1 inch width plates.

And the Mini hair straighteners are smaller and their plates are approximately .5 inches.  They are shorter in length too, at around 6ʺ (regular straighteners are around 8 ʺlong).  These straighteners are essentially the same regarding to the technology.

It means you switch them on, wait for them to heat up at the temperature you desired in the setting. When it gets it’s ideal heat, then you place your hair between the plates, shut the plate and glide the straightener through your hair from root to end.  So, it is proved that the primary difference is the size.

What should be the reason behind to use this mini version

There are a lot of reason why you might want to purchase this shorter form of the regular version:

  • If you have short, choppy mane, they’re good for quick and easy styling.
  • If you are going somewhere, it a very portable and great for vacation purposes!
  • For pepping up your style while on the go for somewhere. Lots of people take them to the gym or to the office and use them to remake their hair before going out.
  • These are not designed for long, thick or course hair.

The features you need in this Mini Hair Straightener

As with a regular size hair straightener, there are some certain features you should look for:

  • It has variable temperature control so you can choose the right temperature for your hair type (low if it is fine or damaged, higher for thick, healthy hair).
  • The product has LCD display for temperature (this makes it easy to keep an eye on the temperature).
  • This product has Auto shut-off facilities for safety. It means you don’t need to worry if you leave your straightener on, there won’t be the danger of fire and it won’t overheat.
  • These are good quality materials. You may look for ceramic, tourmaline or titanium plates as each of these materials are good for conducting heat.
  • This product has an Ionic technology as this means that moisture is locked into hair, banishing frizz and flyaway.
  • This product is adjustable in any travel bag. It is useful if you want to port your mini straighteners while you’re out and about or traveling. So, You may use a travel bag cause a travel bag will protect your straighteners.
  • It has Dual voltage and it is useful when traveling overseas.

Dual Voltage?

Dual voltage is a definite advantage for a mini hair straightener as it means you can take your set mini hair straighteners abroad.  Most of the people buy mini straighteners for holidaying or business trips. So, do look for dual voltage in a mini straightener if this is what you want your set for.  Different countries have different voltage and if your mini straightener includes a dual voltage switch, so that means you can adjust the electricity voltage to the appropriate setting.

Which one is best for your Hair?

If you have lovely long, awesome thick or course hair then mini straighteners won’t work for you.  You need a large plate or medium plate straightener.  If you have short hair, then mini straighteners are ideal for you.  If you have choppy layers, a mini hair straightener is perfect for styling your hair.  Equally, fine haired ladies will enjoy the versatility of a mini hair straightener for on-the-go and for travel.

How Often should you Use a Mini Hair Straightener?

As with any hair straightener, don’t over-use yours.  You should only use them occasionally so as not to over-heat your hair. Always use a heat protectant before applying any type of heat on your hair.  Don’t keep going over and over with the same section as this dehydrates mane and is very stressful for it.  Use sparingly, once or twice in a week.  A good set of mini hair straighteners should style your mane so that it lasts in between washing.  Just use it occasionally to pep up styling in-between if you have to.

What is the better way to Store Mini Straighteners when traveling?

Most of the mini hair straighteners come with a travel bag so be sure to use this product when traveling.  However, always pack your stuff carefully and never right at the top of a suitcase as they shouldn’t be left vulnerable when suitcases are thrown onto the airplane!  It’s one of the best to make sure there’s plenty of padding in between your mini hair straighteners.

The GHD Gold Mini Styler

The GHD lovers should know the value of this brand. It comes with the original ceramic plates and still a prominent brand in the market. This is mini in size to carry easily and works as good as other good ghd products. You can get this great looking mini iron in less than 100 dollars. The plates glide through the hair smoothly and if you want to put the curl back into the hair the rounded shape ends will work like a magic. This works great to style on the go because it is designed with small narrow protective plate. One of the coolest thing of this straightener is you don’t have to wait to cool it down; you can put it back after the use. The ceramic plates provide equal heat distribution and it has the cool auto shut down feature that is so important when you are on a hurry. It is secured by two years warranty guaranteed on sleek and smooth finish.


  • It has the ceramic plates for even heat distribution.
  • It has the auto shut-off feature after 30 minutes of tool left unattended.
  • It has Lightweight.
  • The company gives 2 year warranty.
  • It gives you guaranteed smooth finish even on thicker hair


  • A problematic side of this product it, this is a refurbished product.
  • Don’t make the mistake of trapping some hair at the time of going with the brush. It would be harmful fir your hair rather achieving a good curl.


The Cloud Nine Micro Iron Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine Micro Iron is specially designed for travelling. You might not have a space for the hair straightener in your travel bag but you don’t want to leave it. This is one of the best small straighteners we have ever experimented. The ceramic plates help to protect your hair from damage and the cushioned style means you can use them on all hair types and lengths. It has temperature controlling system. This takes very small space and made as travel friendly.


  • It is Easily bearable.
  • It gives you the protective heat guard.
  • It has the Hibernation mode.
  • It has Variable temperature settings up to 220°C


  • This product can be a little costly product for you rather than others.
  • The thing about which you should be much careful is, you will not get a good temperature control in this lovely product. Many people have mentioned it as a big trouble. And so, there is a great probability of damaging through a little carelessness.
  • The product has no guarantee or warranty.

The Elle Black Travel Hair Straighteners

The Elle Black Travel Hair Straightener comes with a heat resistant bag that means you can keep it in the bag right after the use saving your valuable time. I cannot strongly recommend this brand as it is very cheap so the quality is questionable. It is small but powerful though. The floating curved edges allow you to straighten or curl your hair. Its handle is designed with special cool touch feature so it never gets hot and the cable swivels make it much easier to style. The ceramic plates distribute usual heat minimizing frizzing and damage leaving your hair silky and shiny. It comes with 1 year warranty and a warning light for safety and the most useful heat resistant bag.


  • It has 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • It has Warning light for safety
  • The company gives Heat resistant storage bag with this product.


  • This product can be a little costly product for you rather than others. So, you may need to do the bargaining.
  • You should be careful while using this it may burn.

The BaByliss 2860BAU Pro 200 Nano Mini Straightener

The Babyliss Nano mini straightener does no harm to your wallet as it is available in less than 10 dollars and it is hard to find the difference with many other irons. As other good products it comes with ceramic plates to provide you salon like finish. It heats up to 200 degrees and works without snagging and pulling. It is not good for some types of hair like curly because its heat is limited. It works well with fine hair and medium thickness but it may take more time for long hair as it has small plates.  It heats up fast protect your hair from frizz and it is an inexpensive product.


  • Fast heat up
  • Temperature up to 200 Degrees C (not variable)
  • Ceramic technology
  • Frizz control
  • Low cost product


  • You should be careful while using this product it may burn your hair .

Babyliss Pro Cordless Straightener

Babyliss Pro Cordless Straightener product is travel friendly and cheaper too. It comes in a great compact size and powered by gas. It heats up to 215 degrees and perfect for travelling to less populated remote area and camping where you won’t have power cords. So it is highly recommended for travelling and campaigning.

5 Best Mini Hair Straighteners


  • It has ½” ceramic plates which are so very, very slim.
  • It is 15cm in length.
  • It has tourmaline and ceramic technology.
  • It has 220 ° C constant temperature holding capability.
  • It is good for straightening out your fringe area!


  • A problematic side of this product it, this is a refurbished product.

Overall all of the products are very much useful to reduce your frizz and smoothen your hair. No matter what type of hair you have, you may try one of these. Being very much selective we have chosen all the products very much carefully.