Makeup without Contouring! Can it be Done?

Can you do makeup without contouring? Of course! You can.

Contouring is a specific look that takes time and effort. If you choose to skip contour, make sure to use these tips given below..

Makeup without Contouring!


Apply the blush a bit higher on your cheek. It will elongate your cheekbones. It will also draw the attention upward. Try to place it a quarter inch higher. Expand it at an angle. Apply a very small amount to your nose, forehead, and temples to create a dimension.


Hair can make your face look wider indeed. Give your hair some more volume at the roots. It is an easy way to make your face look lengthy as flat.


It is said that, good makeup begins with a good skincare. Before adding products to your skin, make sure you have a hydrous base to deal with. When you complete your regular moisturizing rule, add a primer to lower the outlook of pores. It will smooth your skin’s texture. An illuminating option will boost your skin’s glow.


We all can admire the art of a well-placed highlighter. Choose a high-shine version of your regular makeup look. You can place a little illuminator by the top of your cheekbone. Then extend it towards the temple. This trick works even well with fluid formulas. You have to make sure to place highlighter on the tip of your nose, center of the chin, and top of the bridge.


Adopt a lightweight foundation. Pitch a Blemish Base cream over your primer. It will prepare the skin. The goal is to create light coverage. It will allow your natural skin to shine over. Skip heavy foundation that offers full veil.


Choose the right illuminator for the undertones of your skin. It is more important. Golden highlighter works best in this case. Woman who have pink undertones, have a bit more elasticity with their options.