15 Amazing Secrets For Long Lasting Makeup You Need To Know

Have you ever thought that how do some people get their makeup to stay so perfectly? The keys to making it last through the day are very specific. To find out how it’s done, and if you want your makeup to stay longer, here are the secrets..

15 Amazing Secrets For Long Lasting Makeup You Need To Know

1. Great makeup begins with great skin. There are several different techniques to keep your skin in top condition. The easiest is to eat healthily, drink lot of water, get vitamins, and use quality products.

2. Use a very little moisturizer and oil free primers on your skin for long events. Too much lotion or cream will cause the foundation to slip and dirty.

3. Prepare your face with a hydrating mask. It will balance your skin, and get it ready for makeup.

4.  Use light and melted sheer as the opposite of standard foundation, if you are older.

5. Concealer is a must. Always apply lightly first to make sure that it is sitting correctly. A good concealer will be able to be used over your makeup throughout the day.

6. Dust over a fine loose powder, to set the smooth form in place. Finish it off with a finely grind powder to keep everything in place is important, when your makeup look is complete.

7. Primer stamps in your moisturizer. It provides a smooth surface for your makeup. It also keeps your makeup from being sunk. If you have an oily skin, try an oil free formula.

8. Building your makeup products in light layers can make it last longer than putting on a heavy layer. It always looks more natural.

9. A lip liner is any girl’s best friend. Sandwiching in the color is the secret for long lasting lipstick. Frame your lips first with a lip liner. Map out your amour bow and the corners. These will give a structure and the grip for your lipstick. Be prepared for touch ups, when you use gloss. Take your product in your bag with you.

10. Use brushes with quality to apply eye shadows, foundations, and everything in between. It will assure your makeup lasts and will look mixed also.

11. There are enough germs all around. Excess dirt, oil, and whatever else might be in your hands is not good for keeping your skin clean and clear. So, stop touching it. The more you touch your face, the more your makeup comes right off.

12. Makeup setting sprays prevent the makeup to touchdown. So you don’t need to touch it from day till night. It also softens the makeup. Find the perfect spray for you.

13. For keeping the eye shadow from reflecting and getting into fine lines, an eye primer is especially important. Always layer your powdered shadow over a cream, whether it’s eye pencil or concealer. Use loose powder to blend. Then reapply another layer of a color. You can apply the same rules, when it comes to the eyeliner.

14. Keep your lower lid clean.  So, the powder or the pencil doesn’t get the chance to run.

15. Waterproof mascara stays longer than the regular mascara. So, use them.

Dab with wipe papers, when you are dealing with the shine. You may wipe away your other makeup or foundations, if you rub the shine off your face.