7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Only Require Makeup

Halloween is coming soon and you must have to get ready for the occasion. Halloween makeup is weird and it might seem daunting to you but in real it represents the opportunity for a beauty stiff. Starting to get a few Halloween makeup ideas, an excuse to use all that yellow eye shadow, purple lipstick and snow white foundation. Halloween makeup isn’t quite that simple and without makeup you can’t do it yourself. We have rounded upsomeLast-Minute Halloween Costumes That Only Require Makeup.

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Only Require Makeup


I think you wish to fill your life with filters. Especially the butterfly snapchat filter that looks flawless. You can sport the flawless filter this Halloween with the perfect makeup and sparkly homemade butterfly. To get a filtered look finish use a full coverage foundation and pick a highlighter two times lighter than your skin tone for the perfect glow.

Space Princess

You might be obsessed with every galaxy things like galaxy hair, galaxy nails and galaxy makeup. The galaxy makeup is amazingly gorgeous for last minute Halloween makeup. You will just need blue, purple, teal and pink eye shadow. Use eye shadows for the look of outer world as well as your space face makeup.

Darling Deer

Deer eyes are always preferable and it is too cute. Fabricated eye makeup, a colored nose and white spots make the look amazingly gorgeous. If you are blessed with long hair and got some extra time you can style your hairinto faux-ears. Just place a thin black headband around the forehead, loop your strands into it and secure with bobby pins.

Mermaid Chic

Mermaids are always in craze and no other makeup is as gorgeous as mermaid chic. This look is complicated but you will not need some extra products you might need some fishnet stockings and colorful eye shadow. Hold the fishnet up to your face as a stencil, and then apply green and blue shadow with a damp stippling brush. Get Smokey eyes using the same shades and apply stick-on jewels as needed. Your mermaid look is completed.

Donald Trump

Make this Halloween great again by wearing the Donald trump makeup the most controversial American president. The first part of your trump transformation should be eye brows. Get the trump’s bushy blonde eye browsand conceal using a glue stick. To get manlier outlook darken your jawline near the edge to make your face appear wider.

Be Mysterious

Instead of getting an uncomfortable mask create a makeup with black liner and eye shadow. Get a mysterious look in the Halloween.

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Only Require Makeup


Perfect Puddin

Suicide squad made everyone crazy and kept it till now. The Harley queen character is great for the Halloween look. Get her chaotic energy to mesmerize your entire guest. You can get queen’s signature look with all the stuff in your makeup bag. Mix your winter foundation instead of white paint. Use a light weight sheer foundation to get her pale visage. Apply concealer under eyes, apples and your t zone. Blend it with a beauty blender perfectly and set your foundation and concealer with the setting spray so that your makeup stays long. Smokey eyes and matte red lips will complete the look.