A Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review : Best Flat Iron For You

Are you looking for a great hair iron that can be used at home, in your hair salon, and which is perfect for “on-the-go” hair styling? Look no further than the Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron! This adaptable and powerful iron has made a heavy impact on the world of hair styling, and if you’re willing to invest a little time with it, you might just end up with your new go-to hair iron.

In this Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron review, we’re going to break down the specifications, the advantages, and benefits of this great iron. We’ll also indicate who is best suited for this iron.

The Specifications Of The KTX450

The Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron has a variety of specifications that make it great for just about anyone. With a length of just under 15 inches, it’s easy to manipulate and light in hand: it weighs just 4.2 ounces out of the box. However, it comes with extra wide and long heating plates (1.25 inch by 4.25 inches) to give you, even more, styling control.

The heat dial lets you achieve temperatures between 250-450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it adjustable to multiple hair types. If your hair is thin and brittle, lower temperatures are safer, but thicker and more luscious hair can handle higher temperatures.

Beyond its incredible heat range is its durable power cord. It swivels 360° and is 9’ long, making it easy to use in your bathroom or the comfort of your salon.

Anyway, there is one thing I hate about certain irons, and that is, if you hold it on a clump of hair without moving it for even a second too long, it puts a crimp in your hair that may come out difficult to iron out once it is there. If it only happens one time or in a small area, it’s not a huge deal, but if it keeps popping up, it can become annoying.

This is important because there are some irons with plastic enclosures that are bigger than the plates, and this means it is harder to get the iron close to your scalp at the top of your head. If it’s not close enough, you will get a small line around the crown of your head that looks like a weird crimp-y halo. My first iron did it, and gave me a teeny circular poof that looked all funky.

The Basic Benefits Of The KTX450

Beyond its strong specifications is the Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron’s adaptability when working with keratin treatments. Keratin is a great hair treatment that helps create smoother hair that is easier to curl and which helps seal hair cuticles more effectively. Sealing cuticles is important when using hair irons, as unsealed cuticles are more likely to fray or break apart.

The Izunami Ktx450’s adaptability with various chemical treatments makes it great for the hairstylist with clients who demand these treatments. It is also great for the home stylist who simply wants to get their hair as straight as possible or who wants to create subtle and delicate curls that add “grace and presence” to their style.

Have a close look at its key features:

The given Izutech flat iron is a powerful styling tool which is designed to provide the straightened look in just a single pass with absolute professional expertise.

This comes equipped with the extra wide plates that are intended to straighten the larger section of hair at the given time and thus, reducing the overall styling time.

It has the conduct with an ergonomic design that makes it possible for the users to use it more productively.

It is highly recommended for different hair types having the straight look with directness.

The maximum temperature of the given flat iron is 450°F that helps to style, even the fussiest hair with the amplitude.

The Sturdy Titanium Construction

Each Izunami KTX450 is built out of sturdy titanium, which is a tough metal that will last for decades. As a result, your iron should be able to survive a variety of drops and bumps. This makes it great for a salon expert who is busy and who may drop items from time to time. Titanium is also a great heat conductor, which helps this iron to retain heat for extended periods. They are also extra-long so you do not have to take as many passes on your hair to get it straight, and they are made of titanium so they provide an extended straighten.

Another benefit of titanium construction is its warp-free construction. No matter how warm your iron gets or how many times you drop and kick it around your floor, it won’t change shape. This is particularly great for those times when you forget you’ve left it plugged in. Thankfully, it will kick off if it gets too hot, decreasing your risk of fire.

It also gives you the facilities like it has a warp free construction, which means it would not change the shape or get damaged if it should get hot enough than it’s supposed to.

Built for Comfort

One of the things I love about Izunami is that their flat irons are designed keeping the users in mind. Titanium is one of the lightest metals and these ones have an ergonomic shape and swivel cord which make them more satisfied to hold. This feature is really great for people with long hair because you’re likely to spend longer styling your hair and your wrists may get pretty tired dragging the flat iron down those endless tresses. 

Best Flat Iron

Izutech is considered as the leading flat iron of these times that makes the styling much more easy and efficient by using the advanced technology. The Izutech flat irons are designed to provide the fantastic styling of your mane and that too in just a single pass to make sure that the styling time is shortened to half, and you are ready to rock the world with your stylized hair with a professional look.

Who Does This Iron Suit?

The benefits of the Izunami KTX450 should be fairly obvious by now. However, no iron is perfect for everybody. Different person needs different products of different companies but the question is, who does the Izunami KTX450 suit?

It’s perfect for anyone who needs a high level of heat to style their hair or who needs to straighten their hair in a regular basis. Curly Sues who prefer a straight style love the Izunami KTX450, as its raw power helps them tame their wild curls.

It’s also a great choice for any salon owner who wants an adaptable iron with a wide movement range. In hectic situations, its nine-foot power cord allows it to move from one client to another with relative ease. However, traveling stylists also love the Izunami KTX450 because it is portable and light, while remaining powerful.

As you can see from this Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron review, there are quite a few benefits of this sturdy and reliable iron. It’s available in most department stores and a variety of online shops. Look for one in shops near you or even check out overstock stores. These shops often sell a variety of great items for very low prices.

Suitable for all Hair Types

This Izutech flat iron is designed to cater to the genre needs of the women with different hair textures and that too with absolute professionalism. Thus, if you have straight, curly, wavy or coarse hair, you can use the Izutech flat irons with incredible amplitude.

Heat Heat Hot

You can get heat up to 450 degrees on this machine which is a pretty big deal for most hair differences. The titanium plates would help you avoid hot spots, so you are able to get a consistent “straighten” without pieces that stay frizzy or curly because they do not take the heat in a correct rate. The temperature ranges mean it can adapt to just about any type of hair, and the plate size is good enough to make sure it does not take too long to get it all straightened out. So, it increases its heat faster.

No Damage to Hair

As the Izutech flat irons are designed to straighten your hair in just a single pass for a particular section of your hair, so it reduces the overall time required for styling the hair, and it also helps to lessen the damage to your hair while styling. So, if you are using the Izutech flat iron to get the perfectly styled hair, then you must be confident of saving your hair from unnecessary damage due to the temp while styling as it takes very less time to do its job completely.

Burning a hole in your pocket

This iron does not top the list at the highest price, but it is most certainly going to leave a dent in your money bag. As far as I’m concerned, what you get is totally worth it, but it probably should not be an impulse buy.

What worries me is that the Izunami Ktx450 only comes with the one year warranty when buying directly from Izunami or authorized distributors, but at less than half the price I would definitely take my chances at Amazon or eBay. There are very few (if any) negative customer reviews about it in breaking down, and even if it would I could buy another one and still be off cheaper than buying directly!

My most desired hair.

I guess I should not be shocked by a device that does the one thing it is supposed to and does it well, but it is still kind of surprising. I really think the titanium plates on this make some difference and maintain heat a lot better than similar options. It is by no means cheap, but you’ll get what you have paid for with irons like this. This model has the style of an updated iron which is renown of a beast.

You’re Not Covered!

My biggest worry about the Izunami ktx 450 is that the warranty is not valid when you buy it from auction sites like Amazon.com. I was really surprised and disappointed by this because I always buy my straighteners from Amazon.com as you can pick up much better deals than you can on the official websites.

I decided to do a little flat iron analogy to see if this was the case with other brands. It seems that other professional brands like Chi and Bio Ionic do not have the same warranty restrictions as Izunami. You may get a two year chi flat iron warranty without having to purchase from the chi flat iron official website and Bio Ionic will repair and replace the flat iron parts for an impressive five years after purchase, regardless of where you bought it from!

My Verdict

Originally, I gave the Izunami ktx450 a full five star rating. I love the titanium power, the extra long plates and the ergonomic designs. As long as you are aware that curling hair with flat irons is not as easy with this model, I think it was a really excellent buy. The only thing which puts me off and would make me drop it back to 4 stars is the lack of a warranty when you purchase from an auction site. It is so much cheaper this way but it would be nice to have a little peace of mind.

So, it can be stated that the Izutech flat iron is the well-known styling tool that provides the fastest styling of your hair with absolute perfection. Moreover, the brand offers the incredible customer services to ensure that the users gets the highest quality services and make sure to provide a broad range of styling machines that help to straighten and curl your hair by having salon like results. So, if you are planning to exertion, then getting the Izutech flat iron would make you more stylish and that too with just a pass. Get ready to have the ultra-smooth and sleek hair with an Izutech range of flat irons that make you shine with your plaits managed with caring and styling.

A Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review : Best Flat Iron For You