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Hair straightening is a hair styling process gas been using since the 1890s involving the flattening and straightening of hair to get a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance. Straightening became popular among the black males during the 1950s. It is accomplished using a hair iron, chemicals, keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening. You can get temporary straight hair in many ways. A process called rebonding is available and popular in some countries of south Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Flat irons and chemicals can be damaging if used often. Excessive straightening can split the ends; however using het protectants can decrease the damage rate. When it comes to hair straightening treatments, it can get overwhelming with deciding the point of start. Initially you should have the basics about the top three hair straightening treatments. Currently there are options to help you get the general idea of which direction to go in so you can decide on the perfect hair straightening treatment for you. The first and common straightening treatment is keratin treatment. Shampoo and blow dry your hair to start the process.

Japanese Hair Straightener

This article is about Japanese hair straightener . Japanese hair straightener is a popular method of straightening curly or wavy hair. Many women are afraid of this controversial hair straightener because it can be havoc on hair if done by the stylist who has not experience. Find out more of Japanese hair straightener and check out if the treatment is dangerous or not.

The History of Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening treatment is known as thermal reconditioning. In the New York City this straightening process was all the rage. For women with curly hair who wanted straight hair considered a miracle. Who walk into the salon with curly hair need to expense 150 to 800 dollars for chemical treatment and flat ironing? The treatment was so popular across the USA. After a few years keratin treatments became popular and when the treatment started to show use of much formaldehyde the popularity of keratin treatment decreased.

Now Japanese hair straightener has got the market and becoming popular. You can get Japanese hair straightening treatment in the city but mainly in the trend in Japanese and Korean salons.

How Japanese Hair Straightening Works

Japanese hair straightening relies on special solution to apply to the hair. This solution breaks down the hair bond to provide the pin straight shape with the help of hair straightener. The hair is saturated with the solution, rinsed with a blow dryer and flat ironed with a straightener that has ceramic plates. Then a neutralizer is applied to lock the style in place. The entire process is important with labor and time. You might have to stay the salon for a few hours depending on the length of your hair. Here are the steps below.


Due to the risk involved with the process you have to opt wisely. Before opting for it consult an expert before scheduling the thermal reconditioning. This is the most important step of Japanese hair straightening.

Due to the risks involved with the process (you are making a permanent change to your hair, or at least to the hair that is on you head at the time of the procedure), all professional stylists will meet for a consultation before scheduling you for thermal reconditioning. This is a crucial step as not all hair types can be helped by this technique.


If you are confirmed as a good participant and decided to do so, the actual straightening process will start with a shampoo and little drying.

Solution is applied

If you have not any history of hair coloring or any other chemical treatment, the solution will be applied to your hair after the shampoo. It will take some time. A strand test will be taken to determine when your hair is ready to proceed.


After passing the strand test your hair will be rinsed with water and the heat protector will be applied and ironed at précised heat.

Neutralizer is Applied

A neutralizer is applied to balance the PH level of your hair.

Blow Drying

Conditioner and heat protectant will be applied before the final blow drying.

There are many brands of solution for this thermal hair straightening. Keep your hair dry and free from the dust and kinks for 48 to 72 hours. No ponytails, hair clips, hats etc.

If you have wavy hair but long for straight hair Japanese hair straightener will give you a longer option to keep the locks sleek and straight. See if it is the right option for you. This is a popular hair straightening method to straighten your hair that is wavy or curly to start with and help to transform it. Your hair will be converted into pin straight, sleek and shiny hair. It doesn’t come without critics and the first thing is to find an experienced person in this hair straightening.

Do not do it in hurry, take time and ask for recommendations and do the research online asking a lot of questions before deciding.

The consultation for the process is the most important part and if you have any doubt about the process or the stylist do not go further step. It can be tempting to find the cheapest salon and be sure to select the most experienced stylist regarding this special treatment. An inexperienced stylist can damage your locks and the scalp. Another point to consider is are you sure about getting the straight hair in long run? The process is too hard to get back and need to top up regularly. These options are expensive and lengthy process. You need to make it sure that you have researched a lot and sure to go through the process. as this process is expensive or lengthy make it sure that you want this permanent solution for your curly, wavy or frizzy hair. If you want to ditch the straightening irons and want to save enough styling time it will be the right path for you.

Cost of Japanese Hair Straightening

The cost of permanent hair straightening depends on time and the procedure. It is counted by the length and volume for your hair. It may cost 300 to 1000 dollars.

It may possible to find someone to do at low cost but be aware if the saloon offers to put your hair to go through the Japanese hair straightener for much less. You may find many painful stories or hair burning or hair loss or worse than that.

Touch ups are typically needed from 6 to 9 months depending on the volume of your hair growth. These should take less time than the original visit and less cost.It is not that bad idea to find a cheap touch up solution. New hair growth to match the old is challenging performing the procedure.

Questions and considerations of Japanese hair straightening

Can Japanese hair straightening damage hair?

Many of the leading salon chains do not offer Japanese hair straightener because it is much sensitive and difficult technique to do. In an inexperienced salon or inexperienced stylist can create more damage. Problems include hair fall, fried, dried and frazzled beyond repair.

This is especially common on overly colored hair or chemically treated hair. If you want to go through the treatment you must have to discuss the hair story with your stylist. Your stylist will give you advice and make decision whether your condition is. It’s best not to leave information because if you have had your hair colored your stylist has to be aware.

Some salons will deny treating your hair if you have any history or chemical treatments. If your hair is over processed and treated with bleaches or henna it might be a problem because thermal recondition solution can have a reaction with this solution.

The relaxers that beaks the bond can be very harsh on chemically colored hair. If you don’t feel that your hair is not in good condition give it some time to remove the color or the chemicals.

You can do this by altering your diet, exercise and deep conditioning treatment. You can do this by changing your diet in regular basis. Try to have enough sleep with some deep conditioning treatment and less heat applied. The main advise is, this hair straightening treatment can be applied to the hair that is highlighted less than 50%.

Some salons and stylish experiment with this treatment and repeat it to find the safest solution.The most important thing in Japanese straightener is experience. The treatment is permanent and the chemicals can be harsh and strong. It can be a lengthy process for the long wavy curls.

Why Japanese straightener?

If you want something that lasts until your hair grows out-

Japanese straightening known as thermal reconditioning is best for bulky, kinky curls. The hair is first saturated with the thermal solution to break the hair bonding. After applying the neutralizer the hair locked into the straight form. The process can take up to eight hours. Japanese straightener is a permanent process that permanently changes the structure of the hair.

After Care Tips

If you decide to have the treatment you should know that after care is very important. You have to be very careful with your hair condition. Do not wash your hair for three days after the treatment. you should not wash your hair or apply heat to style it. Avoid getting into ponytail or braid at least three days before and after the treatment. When you leave the salon the straightening process continues to set the hair and this very important. The results can be very fantastic and can stay for six months without any waves, which is ideal for the pi straight hair. When you have had the treatment you can keep your straightening treatment and the curling iron away for a while. This is a very low maintenance process and perfect if you tend to spend some extra minutes in the bed before heading to the places.

Japanese straightener is not for everyone and you have to take a wise decision before going through the process. Some stylist will refuse to do it completely. Who were born with curls this is a perfect treatment for the perfect straightening.Hear the stories from the people who had this treatment applied to the hair. This straightening method is better than other permanent straightening methods.

Here we have tried to describe the details about the Japanese hair straightener to let you know everything about this process. Here we described the usefulness and the impacts to your hair. You have to go through some procedure and rules before opting for Japanese hair straightening.