Frightening Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial : Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Halloween is knocking at the door and you must be getting ready for the costumes. You waited until the last minute to select the costume for this Halloween. Everyone wants to go crazy with fancy and glittering costume and Halloween is the only time to go through this. You can transform yourself into a Jack O Lantern with the perfect tutorial. Get your makeup tools close to you and get ready for the Frightening Jack O Lantern Makeup.

To get this makeup you don’t need to be a makeup expert, the minimum skill is right for this job.First get a pot and mix up baking flower with liquid latex, add little flower at a time and blend them perfectly. With the latex mixture start creating the upper part of the mask.

Apply some latex paste to prevent the mixture stick to your hand. Find your desired Jack O Lantern picture from Google and do the makeup just like that. Use a spatula to create teeth and gradually work on the yes and the head. Let it dry and later paint with the perfect Jack O Lantern color. get a full black makeup, you can use grease based black to shine outdoor. Attach the mask to your head quite a lot of it and slide the mask making sure the latex pieces stretch back. Spray your head and shoulder black and you are set with the Jack O Lantern Makeup.

Here is a guideline to get Jack O Lantern Makeup in the Halloween. This make is in trend right now, so choose your Jack O Lantern Makeup and start the masking process.

Frightening Jack O Lantern Makeup Tutorial

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