Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review | Izutech Hair Straightener Review

The flat iron that I usually recommend to people who want to straighten their long hair quickly and comfortably is the ktx 450 (now Izutech Ktx450. Yes, the Izunami flat iron has had a name change but it is still the same great straightener! I will explain why in this izunami flat iron ktx450Flat Iron review.

I am a hair straightener addict and my husband says so. He stated that I have more knowledge of straightening irons than any human being. I did not take it seriously but I know I can like a straightener just by holding it and I think every girl should have the skill. Today I am going to share my user experience of Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron.

A Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron Review : Best Flat Iron For You

Halo Problems

One thing I hate most of irons and that is it puts a crimp in your hair if you hold it on a clump of hair without moving it for even a second too long. It can be so hard to iron out once it’s there. If it happens in a small area it’s not a big deal but it will be disastrous if it happens more. There are some straightening irons with plastic enclosures that are bigger than the plates, and this means it’s harder to reach your scalp. You get a small line around the crown of your head looks like crimp-y halo. My first iron did it, and gave me a circular poof that looked all funky but not in a good process.

At glance

  • It is specifically designed for Keratin Treatments.
  • The product has adjustable heating from 90F to 450F: 5 levels
  • Heating is quick within just thirty seconds.
  • It has high quality titanium plate with 1 inch
  • It is not an authorized dealer on Amazon

The Titanium Difference

The izunamiktx 450 Flat Iron has titanium plates which are best known conductor of the negative ions. These little critters fight the static that causes frizz, lock in moisture and keep your mane smoother and shinier for longer.

It has Faster Styling facilities on Long Locks

This flatiron is the one I recommend to people who find it hard to make the time to style super long hair. The izumi hair straightener has slightly wider (1.25 inch) and much longer (4.25 inch) plates which allow you to work with much wider sections of hair and get down even the longest sections much more evenly and comfortably.

Skip the Crowns and Get Straight Hair

When I buy a hair straightener I get to make sure to have big plates so there won’t be a big piece of plastic between my scalp and the plate. This Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron has the plates to extend the whole width of the iron. The plates are extra-long so you can straighten your hair with a single pass. The plates are made of titanium that help to give you a long lasting straighten. This flat iron comes in an interesting exterior feature. Many don’t care about the exterior but I liked the warp free construction, which protects the shape from get damaged if it should get hotter than it’s supposed to.

Built for Comfort

One of the things I love about Izunami is that their flat irons are designed with the users in mind. Titanium is one of the lightest metals and these ones have an ergonomic size and swivel cord which makes them far more comfortable to hold. This feature is really perfect for people with long hair because you are likely to spend longer styling your hair and your wrists can get pretty tired dragging the flat iron down those endless tresses.

An Angel WITHOUT the Halo

When I’m shopping for flatirons I always look for models that i have the least plastic housing around the outside and no large gaps between the plates and the edge of the product. If there is a gap, the flat iron will make a kink at the side where you picked up the hair, giving you a “halo” effect at the top of your head which is almost impossible to hot iron out. The good news is that the plates on the Izunamiktx 450 go right to the edge, so you can have fairy tale hair, without the halo!

The Professional Price Tag: Is it Worth it?

The Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron is a professional straightener, so it’s not surprising that it comes with a big fat professional price tag. Is it really worth the extra 100 dollar you will pay or should you just look for a cheap but good straightener in a dispensary?

Flat iron experts will tell you that it’s definitely worth investing in professional straighteners. The difference is that theseIzunami Ktx450 professional irons have solid titanium plates, not just a coating like some cheaper models do.

Professional straightening irons are also the ones that stylists have in their salons and use effectively day after day. I would say that’s a pretty strong recommendation of quality, wouldn’t you say the same thing?

What Won’t it do?

One thing you might find more difficult with this Izunami is if you want to curl hair with flat iron. This is because the plates are a little wider on theIzunami ktx450. You can still make flat iron curls but they will be bigger, looser barrell curls, rather than tight corkscrew curls. This is still a great look, particularly on long hair.

Heat Heat Hot

It can be heated up to 450 degrees which is good for some hair types and big deal for most hair types. You can get consistent straighten hair without frizzy or curly. The titanium plates help you avoid hot spots and take the heat correctly to your hair.

Finding the Right Temperature

One of the coolest things about this straightener is it heats up too quick. If you hate waiting like me, this product will be good for you.  As it heats up quickly and it will provide you some extra time to sleep in the morning.Thanks to this product to give some additional time for sleep.

Built for Comfort

One of the things I love about Izunami is that their flat irons are designed with the user in mind. Titanium is one of the lightest metals and these ones have an ergonomic shape and swivel cord which make them far more comfortable to hold. This feature is really great for people with long hair because you’re likely to spend longer styling your hair and your wrists can get pretty tired dragging the flat iron down those endless tresses.

Floating Plates Float through Hair

Izunami Ktx450 hair straightener comes with floating plates. They have huge impact on straightening hair as they move easily. The floating plates protect your hair from damage and fizziness. So you don’t have to worry about this boy to treat your hair.

Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

This iron won’t give pressure on your pocket. It doesn’t stay top of the highest price list. As a user I can assure you this product is worth the price. They are not getting more than the product deserve. The product comes with 1 year warranty after buying the product from authorized resellers. So you can use it 1 year comfortably.

Straightens Exactly Like It Should

You will be shocked by the device that does a thing surprisingly. The titanium plates do the straightening process very smoothly and maintain heat better than other similar products.

Over all I liked this product, Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron is great to save your time and it comes with gift packaging to give someone as a gift.

You’re Not Covered!

My biggest worry about the Izunamiktx 450 is that the warranty is not valid when you buy it from auction sites like Amazon.com or any commercial site. I was really surprised and disappointed with this because I always buy my straighteners from Amazon.com as you can pick up much better deals than you can on the official websites.

I decided to do a little flat iron comparison to see if it was the case with other brands. It seems that other professional brands like Chi and Bio Ionic do not have the same warranty restrictions as Izunami gives. You can get a two year chi flat iron warranty without having to purchase from the chi flat iron official website and Bio Ionic will repair and replace flat iron parts for an impressive 5 years after purchase, regardless of where you bought it from!

Izunami Flat Iron Cons

As I said earlier, KTX is recommended for professional use and it is still our best hair straightening flat irons though it is inexpensive. Youwill possibly feel styling like a hairstylist while holding this thing, a solid and compact tool. The adjust controller is pretty intuitive. It is too hard for us to find any fault on these products except some users in the first try they turn the heat controller at too high level that their mane (say, fine and fragile hair) can withstand complains about the hot plates, which may burn your hair. It is not from the product itself but it is from user faults.

Customer Feedback

The flat iron ratings on theIzunami ktx450 have been overwhelmingly certain. Nearly 85% of buyers on Amazon.com rate it the full five stars and it has an overall customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviews say that it gives them a lovely, shiny result (particularly for people with frizzy hair or dull hair) and many people say that their Izunami has given them years of good service.

Why should you Trust Our Review?

The net today is fully packed of complicated content that makes choosing your next hair straighteners an increasingly difficult decision.

I know this because I had exactly the equal problem. So, as an owner of more flat irons than I would care to admit, I knew I could offer the genuine, reliable advice on the best and worst flat irons, plus everything in between.

If you want the opinion of a hair zealot, who looks not to flatter you of what to buy, just educate and inform you from my personal experiences, then you have come to the perfect place.