ISA Professional Flat Iron Review | Best Flat Irons 2018

If you are searching for the best straightening machine this could be somehow stodgy. You should choose the one that does not damage or break your hair and works fast. You might want to find a straightening iron that has as many features as possible and this legal. I have used several different irons that all do something different, but none of them has all the features. Currently I have been using an iron which works better. I am going to show you the features and bad sides of the ISA Professional Flat Iron. it has almost all the amazing features a straightener should have.

ISA Professional Flat Iron Review

Lock Up Your Styles. Literally!

It has a cool feature and that is, it has a lock for all the buttons that cover the front of the device. When you get to the right temperature simply press the lock and the temperature will not change if you accidentally press any key. So your hair won’t be fried anymore. Its pivoting plates are better than the floating plates many expensive irons have. This iron gives more grip and flexibility to use comfortably.

All Ceramic No Coats Here

The plates are made of ceramic not coated with ceramic. Pure ceramic plates last longer and provide heat more evenly. Coated ceramic plates are not capable to remain heat consistently. The tourmaline coating on the ceramic plates ensures consistent heat and protection from damage.

Try This Shape For Size

You will really like this iron because it comes in a different shape than lot others. The body shape makes it easier to use smoother than other hair straighteners. You can use it for different purposes like the flat iron can be used to make curls and even waves. I have tried to straighten with irons of different shapes before.

Neon For A Rea-son

The buttons of ISA Professional Flat Iron include a digital read out that’s lit with a neon light behind so you can see its procedure. It provides you an exclusive control of the temperature, and it has a wide range of temperature that will suit all hair textures and types. This product can be heated from175 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you should be good with this product.

Right Hand?Left Hand?Both?

I am different from most of the people as I don’t know when I use which hand. I can use this flat iron with any hand because the buttons are set at the right place making it perfect for the both handed people.

Straight And Backed Up

The mesmerizing thing about this flat iron is it comes with two year warranty that means you can use it for two years without any tension, but it lasts longer than that. So before spending money you have to be backed up.

Button Drama?

The buttons of ISA Professional Flat Iron are placed in a different place comparing to other products. I think those are right for all the people depending on how they hold. The buttons can be locked so there is no chance to get fried hair or damaging sculp.

Buttons Lock. Body Doesn’t.

One feature that it is missing is you cannot lock when it is cooling down. Many irons have grips that the plates cannot hit anything while it’s cooling. This one doesn’t do that, so you have to by a stand to put it down while cooling.

Pivot May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be

The pivoting plates are supposed to offer something special older style plates don’t.A lot of people don’t like if the plates don’t grip quite as tight as other options. They can get closer together when you’re doing your hair the theory says so.

Overall Great Features

This professional Flat Iron has almost all the features I want. I’m not happy about the effectiveness of it in order to spend the money. Its not cheap but not expensive too. The beeping could be annoying though.