HSI Professional Flat Iron Review | Best Flat Irons and Hair Styling Tools

I have had experience of many different hair straighteners in my life varying from cheap to expensive. All I tried to do is just to keep my super curly hair under control. I prefer straight hair just because I will need to use less products to keep it straight then taking care of curly hair. I do not want much heat that will fry my hair in the process. I have been searching for another better straightener, but still confused which one should choose, iron with some professional capabilities or a consumer level iron with a little more power.

I have been on the hunt for another good straightener, but I cannot decide if I want to spring for something with professional capabilities or if I should get a consumer level iron with a little more power.  I used lots of straightener and also love to try new things year by year. I am really interested in testing one of these out like HIS Professional Flat Iron with tourmaline plates.I have used a lot of straightener in my hair, but I also like to try new things like HIS Professional Flat Iron with tourmaline plates after a few years.

HSI Professional Flat Iron Review

All the Perks for a Pretty price

The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has just all the cool features you could want. It has tourmaline covered plates and the ionic power that smooth then your hair out. With all of these special perks this brand offers the product at the right price. While most professional irons run into more than $100, but this one runs at less than half of that price.

Heats Up and Ready To Go

The heat up time of this product is somehow interesting, because it is interesting. This product is made of 100% pure ceramic plates infused with tourmaline. Pure ceramic is different than most ceramics you will find on flat irons, which are generally baked onto aluminum or steel plates.Some of the best irons I had used taken more time to heat up, so I am always one search to find an iron that works faster. So, I could save some extra time in my morning; even I could get extra 20 minutes for extra sleep. It doesn’t consume much time to heat up and get to the correct temperature. It has a wide range of temperature setting and you can get everything with any type of hair.

Temperature between 240F-450F

The HSI Professional has optional temperatures between 240 °and 450°degrees Fahrenheit, giving it salon-level coverage for all hair types, from fine to coarse and thin to thick.

It has 1-inch plates, curved edges

This flat iron has 1-inch plates featuring curved edges, making it easy to flip your hair at the bottom or curl it down. While users with super long hair would prefer a wider plate, the 1-inch plate is great for most hair lengths. This HIS Professional Flat Iron has a swivel cord for easy styling, and a round body shape that makes curls look natural. This best flat iron is perfect you.

Dual voltage facilities

This hair straightener has dual-voltage flat ironfacilities, making this machine great for travel or as a gift for someone who lives overseas.

Best at Holding Fine Hair

People who have fine hair will love this iron very much because it has good holding ability without getting caught. But the people with thicker hair are not lucky enough to have that feature. I am blessed with fine hair so I can manage this kind of power and many of my friends straighten their hair everyday but don’t get what they want.

Extra Stuff For FREE, and Take It Everywhere

Thisbest HSI Professional Flat Iron comes with several features beyond just the iron which you won’t find with other brands. I got a travel bag as well as a glove so that I can avoid burning my hand. I have burned my hand several times so this time I am too choosy. This product is very travel friendly, so if you are going abroad it will be a good choice.

Hot Spots- you know what I mean

This straightener iron may get to the heat as you need but unfortunately it has places throughout the plate that get hotter than other straighteners. You just need to practice more and more for getting used to the iron itself.

No auto Shut Off

One of the big features of a hair straightener is having auto shut off but unfortunately it is one of the big problem of this product as it doesn’t have the auto shut feature. This could be a problem for the people who have forgetfulness problem.


  • It has pure ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • It has a quick heating time.
  • It is also recommended for Asian and African-American hair


-It hasno automatic shut-offfacilities.

-It is hard to use without heat glove.



You might me concerned about the auto shut off feature, but considering everything like price and other features you can opt for the product. This product is great for naturally fine or curly hair and it is better than any other product in this price range.

If you think the HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has the ability to make you satisfied fulfilling all your needs, go straight to the shop or order in the online market.