How to Prevent a Breakup In A Long Distance Relationship

When a person first starts off in a relationship they are feeling excited. This new relationship has to potential for growth. When the couple gets to know each other they mind finding out that they have a lot in common and get along well. Even for happy couples life events happen. There are things that can tear a couple apart. There are some tips on how to prevent a break up and stay together for the long run..

How to Prevent a Breakup


This seems like something simple but is the biggest problems reported among couples. Lack of communication can break a couple up in no time. Instead of yelling and screaming at each other take some time to sit down and talk. Each partner should have a chance to express how they are feeling and how the other person’s actions are affecting them. Do not accuse the other person of doing anything or blame anything on time. This is a chance where both people can share how they are feeling and talk things out instead of getting mad. Many couples will find that talking to each other instead of yelling at each other is much better for resolving a problem.

Learn to Listen

When a couple is discussing a problem automatically many people become defensive. They are worried about what they are going to say next instead of what their partner is really saying. When the other person is speaking it is important to remain calm and really take in what they are saying. Avoid letting emotions take over and think of ways to work out the issues they are concerned over.

Be Accountable

If one of the partners had made a mistake and did something to hurt the other person they need to apologize for this even if they did not mean to cause any pain. Stuff happens, and a person needs to hold themselves accountable. They should be sincere in their apology and show that they did not mean to hurt their partner’s feelings. They should also come up with ways to avoid something similar happening in the future. Sometimes saying sorry goes a long way.

Start At the Beginning

When things get stressful a couple has to take the time to revisit the beginning of their relationship and the things they did together to fall in love. Revisiting these things will help remind the pair why the feel in love and why they want to be around each others. Sometimes a night of fun can go a long way in saving a relationship.

Be a Good Person

Life events can change people. If a person is going through a rough time they can become depressed, irritation, and it can be hard to be around them. Even when times are bad do not give into the feelings of depression or anger. No one wants to be around a person that is miserable. Instead try talking about feelings and be the best person possible.

Allow Some Space

Even people that are in love need a little time apart from each others. Do not give up interest and hobbies when getting into a relationship. Spending some time apart is good for the relationship. People like others that are strong and healthy. If two people are together every minute of the day it is not a good thing. Waiting by the phone or at home for the other person also develops an unhealthy dependency on them and this can ruin the relationship as well.


Sometimes a couple has to sit and think about the qualities in the other person that made them fall in love in the first place. Daily life can get a person stressed out that they forget how much they like their partner and what they like about them.

These are just some tips that can help a couple stay happy and avoid a breakup. Breakups are hurtful in many situations. When a couple is in love there are some things they can do that will show each other how much they care and make them way to stay together.

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