How to Make Your Hair Stronger and Longer than Before: Must Learn

Maybe you are born with it. Or maybe it can be a smart hair care regimen. For some sort of women, enviably longer hair just happens by born, but for all the rest of you, pinching certain aspects of your day-to-day beauty regimen have to be made. Whether you can get that be using a different kind of hair brush, or adjusting how frequently you are using your hair dryer, or adding an effective vitamin to the blend, or sleeping on a comparatively silk pillowcase, and yes, this is real. There are variant easy methods that can be done to get longer and lustrous locks. Feel free to check out our proven tips to guide you in the right point of the compass..

How to Make Your Hair Stronger and Longer than Before

1. Get rapid trims

It might seem to be counterintuitive, but if you really want longer hair which is actually healthy, then you need to get consistent trims. When the haircuts cannot make your hair grow faster, then they get rid of the split ends which break your hair, extracting the breakage can give the presence that your hair is growing much faster. After all, the split end which breaks is able to lead to your hair a losing length. Not to mention the shine, the volume, and the smoothness as well.

2. Resist the urge

As flashy as the platinum hair looks like, going from a bit darker shade to a bit more light blonde shade could stand in between you and your longer hair. While the cutis of the hair has been damaged from the bleach, you can get more split ends or breakage. The fewer the chemical treatments, your hair will grow the better as you want.

3. Distribute natural oils

Going to sleep on bed with the un-brushed hair may seem winsome when you are very tired, but it can be very great for its health to give your hair some quick strokes. You can start at the scalp. You can use a hog bristle brush to give away the oils to your scalp evenly onto your hair so that it can stay moisturized naturally. This kind of simple step every night can help to increase the circulation that can help to make your scalp very much healthier.

4. Eat right foods

Having a longer and stronger hair does not depend just on which kind of products you put onto your hair. It also depends much on what you apply into your body. You need to feed your hair from the inside. It will promote your hair growth. Try to increase your intake of protein with foods like the fish, the beans, the nuts, and the whole gains.

5. Avoid the heat tools

You need to stop over styling your hair. If you must have to use the heat, hair experts recommend to decrease the heat temperature and to use a heat protectant always. Otherwise, you are taking risk to damage your hair, which will lead to frizz and breakage.

6. Skip daily shampoo

You have heard all the tributes attributing a great hair to going by now. But do you really know why does it help your hair actually? Putting shampoo on your hair two or three times in a week can allow the natural oils to run in to your hair, as well as allowing it to repair and hydrate itself.

7. Finish shower with gentle rinse

A steamy shower is not just harsh for your skin. It is also very rough on to your hair. You can turn the water temperature low when you are cleansing, and you can rinse with the cool water that can help to seal the cuticle and also can strengthen your hair before you are about to styling it.