How To Kiss Your Boyfriend For The First Time

It is a fact. Couples that are really good at making out tend to have healthier relationships. Before having a first kiss, most ladies get scared, excited, a little freaked out, and very apprehensive. A few might claim not to understand why anyone would want someone else’s tongue in her mouth but for the many that get the whole concept can attest to it as truly being the best feeling, only if you do it right.

Kissing your boyfriend might be a random thing you do every so often but making it count by doing it right is what matters the most. Knowing how to kiss your boyfriend as a lady pulls you a few points up the scale into being his favorite. Here are a few pointers on how to kiss your boyfriend like a pro;

How To Kiss Your Boyfriend And Turn Him On

Go in with glossy lips

If you want to learn how to kiss your boyfriend in the right manner, you have to be ready. A man will tell you for free that there is nothing irritating like kissing a lady with dry lips. Here is the thing about having your lips ready. First it attracts from a distant, making him eager to actually kiss you. Secondly, it creates a good feeling when you finally kiss. Who doesn’t want the plumpy and super pillowy feeling when kissing? Am sure he does.

Take it slow

Slow but sure. Draw out your kisses so that they’re long and slow. Rushing lip contact often than usual leads to one messy and wet kissing experience. Do not recreate Niagara Falls on your guy’s face. Too little saliva is dry and unsatisfying but too much will make you gag. That is not what you want when kissing your boyfriend. Always take it slow. If possible, rub your closed lips against his, without actually kissing, followed by one lip then finally both lips. This is a sure way of getting him turned on and reciprocating the movement.

Keep it nice and intense

Intense kissing doesn’t always have to be deep and rough. It is all about making him want more. If the kissing extends to other parts of their body, make sure to breathe warm air across the area in order to heighten the anticipation. Trust you me when you finally do the kissing, it feels even more incredibly intimate and intense.

Make use of your hands

This will sound misplaced but come to think of it, kissing and not touching at all is not that interesting. It is called kissing with your hands. It’s agreeable that the lips do most of the work during kissing but that should not be all. What you do with your hands heightens the experience. Run your fingers through his hair, grab his shirt and pull him towards you, do something with your hands!

Get a little kinky

‘A little’ being the key word, always engage him in adventurous kissing moves; play around with his lips and tongue. What makes a great kiss is spontaneity. There is plenty of room for fun because it was never planned in the first place. This will rock his world and guarantee an unforgettable kissing experience. How to kiss your boyfriend well shouldn’t be hard if you consider this tip.

Always have a sexy finish

What better way to do this than pulling away softly and leaving him turned on and crying for the moment to start over again? Applying a very gentle suction on his bottom lip as you pull away is one great tip on how to kiss your boyfriend.


Kissing is underrated. Or a first date, the right kind of smooch can nail a second date, get you both insanely turned on or even make him fall more deeply in love with you. Initiate the above tips on how to kiss your boyfriend and you won’t regret it.

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