How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally At Home : 3 Simple Tips

Thicker hair is something every girl wants. Some girls are born naturally with thick, luscious locks whilst the rest of us have the struggle with the thin head of hair that we have. The thickness of your hair can be affected depending on your age, stress levels, your environment and even down to what shampoo you use. However, you don’t have to have thin hair forever. In this article, I will be sharing many tips and tricks that will help your hair to grow naturally thicker, so you can have beautifully thick and healthy hair in no time. No one wants flat limp hair, and styling it is more difficult. We get little envious when you run into that woman with the impossibly thick and locks. Just follow the tips and tricks straight from the pros to get full luscious hair. you should know the reasons of thinning of your hair, here are the possible reasons..

  • natural aging
  • genetics
  • poor nutrition
  • overuse of commercial hair products
  • reactions or allergies to chemicals or substances
  • illness

Switching Shampoos.

Many shampoos include harsh chemicals that will effectively cleanse your hair, but not necessarily benefit the overall health of your hair. Some people have strong hair that is resistant to these chemicals, however, if you are concerned about your hair thinning, it’s probably best to steer clear of these types of shampoos. Sodium and sulphates are found in most shampoos. However, shampoos that include cleaning agents such as these are the most damaging to your hair. They strip all of the natural oils from your hair, leaving your hair dry and allowing it to weaken over time. Weak hair can lead to your hair shedding more often and in larger amounts, your hair to become dry and brittle and to possibly break. An alternate to these chemical ridden, hair killing shampoos, would be to switch to organic shampoos. These are made from natural products and rarely contain any harsh cleansing chemicals. A good hair care brand that sell organic products is Liz Earle. There a plenty of other different brands that sell chemical free products, online and in stores local to you.

Using Oils

Oils are a great way to improve the overall health of your hair, not just to thicken it. Oils are recommended to use if you have bleached your hair to prevent it from drying out and breaking off. Chamomile, lavender, rosemary, thyme, almond oil, coconut oil, geranium and many more different oils help to thicken the hair follicles. It is recommended that you wash your hair first with organic shampoo, then use around 10 to 20 drops of your chosen oil on your hair. The oil should be applied to your scalp, and be rubbed and massaged in thoroughly. Just think of the oil as being your conditioner, or as an alternative you can add around five drops into your regular conditioner and massage into your scalp and the rest of your hair. Try using essential oils like Chamomile, lavender, rosemary, almond oil, coconut oil, and many more to help thicken your hair. Apply 10 to 20 drops of chosen oil to your scalp and massage gently. You can add a few drops of oil to your shampoo or conditioner while using. Deep condition your hair with an essential oil like jojoba, sunflower or others.

Please note that regular oil will not work, it has to be specific types of oil that will be beneficial to your hair.

Take Care Of Your Hair

The title of this paragraph may seem very generalized and obvious. But truly caring for your hair is what will help it grow thick and healthy. Caring for your hair includes not using heat styling products. Heat is one of the most damaging things that you can use on your hair. Sometimes, you can’t avoid having to style your hair, especially if you are just having a bad hair day, however, it is essential that you use some type of heat protect spray on your hair to prevent it from being damaged.

Don’t shampoo every time you shower

Do not shampoo every time you take a bath. Shampooing your hair usually washes away dirt it also takes away natural oils that keep hair healthy and beautiful. While shampooing, be gentle with your hair. Rinse shampoo on the scalp and then simply wash to the bottom of your hair. Some women believe that only way to keep their beautiful and growing is washing with shampoo every single day. Shampooing too often make your hair thin and reduce the natural oil production that is essential for the hair health. Always try to use chemical free shampoos which are contained lightening free ingredient. Effective cleansing of hair helps to maintain healthy long tresses. Hair roots are the weakest when they are wet. Comb your hair gently and do not brush when it is wet to avoid breakage.

try volumizing techniques

Try to use volumizing techniques for a fuller appearance and to get thicker hair. You will find many boosting products on the market and you should get the natural one. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo for fuller appearance. After the shampoo use volumizing conditioner to the strands. Avoid touching the roots while conditioning.

Start taking supplements that benefit your hair

Female hair is related to hormones and the sensitivity of the follicles to the hormones. Hormonal prescription medications such as some oral dosage can be very effective in making your hair thicker. Remember that supplements can have some side effects like burning irritation and future hair loss.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Make some changes to your lifestyle and try to eat balanced diet with plenty of vitamin b and iron. Many people experience thinning because of lack of nutrients. Vitamin b is good for the health of your hair and getting enough of it is good for keeping thick hair. Good sources of vitamin b are fruits and vegetables. Lack of iron in your regular food lead to less hair growth and you should ensure proper iron intake. Good sources are included beef, pork and all kind of meat including some leafy vegetables. If there are lake of much nutrients and iron you can take supplements as described by the doctor.

Protect your hair from chemicals

Start protecting your hair from chemicals and pollutants. I know it’s difficult to avoid exposure to everyday uses of many chemicals and pollution. You can wrap your hair with a scarf or hat when you go out for a walk or ride on something. Pollution is caused by cars and dust of the air. Wear a swim cap while you dove into the chlorinated pools. Chlorine is a harmful chemical for hair. Protect your hair in the swimming pool to avoid damage.

Orange puree

The vitamin c and the acid in orange can help your hair in many ways. The vitamins and minerals may improve hairs natural luster, which makes your hair appear thicker. The acid in orange help to break the extras or residue hair products. These residues may interfere with the hair growth and the thickness growth. unlike some of the other treatment orange puree has a pleasant smell will be enjoyed by you during the treatment.  A person can use orange puree for the hair regrowth and treatment by blending fresh oranges and massaging into the scalp and of course the hair. You may consider using light conditioner to rehydrate the following orange puree treatment.

Allowing your hair to grow naturally in it’s texture and color will also help your hair to grow thicker. Dying and highlighting your hair thins and damages it, especially if you like to change up your hair colour often. Using wide toothed combs to comb your hair will prevent pulling out strands and preventing your hair thinning too.

To conclude, the 3 vital steps to growing thicker hair is: using organic shampoo, using essential oils and treating your hair well. If you follow all of these steps closely, you should be on your way to luxurious hair in no time.

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