How To Buy A Bra That Actually Fits : Best Bras to Buy

Buying a bra is one of the trickiest things women do when shopping. Even for us who are keen with details, it can get confusing. It starts with the band sizes, then the cup sizes then the fact that if you try on a size 34C and want to go for a smaller band size you go for a 32B instead of 32C its all so confusing! So then, how do you buy a bra that actually fits?

How To Buy A Bra That Actually Fits : Best Bras to Buy

Tips To Buy Best Bras For Yourself

Here are some guidelines on how to buy a bra size that actually fits:

First of all, you need to know your measurements. Do you know your band size and your cup size? If you do, good. If you don’t, here is how to find out:

To know your band size, wear a bra and have a friend take the measurement of your chest just below your breasts. Make sure the bra you are wearing supports and lifts your breasts well. This will allow your friend to take accurate measurements of your chest. Make sure that as your friend takes your measurement, the tape measure is flat against your body. This will assure you that the measurement taken is correct. Now, in some instances you might get an odd number. If you do, move up to the next even number. Bra sizes are only in even numbers, no odd numbers ever.

To know your cup size, wear a bra that has no pads or if you don’t have one, just make sure the bra you are wearing has holds your breast to the right position. Then have a friend take a measurement of your chest going over the highest point of your breast. Make sure that the tape measure is lying flat against your body. Then get the difference between the first measurement and the second measurement. That will give you your cup size.

It is important to note that you will not be able to get the right measurements if you do this on your own. You will be forced to bend or stand at an angle that will only result in you getting the wrong measurements. Therefore, call a friend and ask them to take the measurements for you.

Unfortunately, bras are not like clothes; there are no standard measurements. This means that each company has its own measurements, especially when it comes to cup sizes. Each company has its own versions for cup sizes. Therefore, this makes it difficult to say with certainty that this is your cup size. For this reason, even after you have determined you measurements, try on the bra to make sure that it fits you well.

Things you should remember when buying a bra:

Your band size is always the number in the bra size. That is, 32C means that your band size is 32 inches.

You do not have to take off your bra for the measurements to be taken. It is possible for you to do it with your bra on and even your blouse on. Just remember to wear a thin blouse, not something like a sweatshirt.

If you wear a bra with padding, the measurement you get will not be accurate. If you plan to take your measurement then wear a bra without padding.

Go for bra shopping when you have time for it. That is, do not go for shopping and just rush fitting and trying on different types and designs. Take your time to feel and fit the bras. You will realize that different bras shape your breasts differently and fit you differently. Remember, the whole point of you buying a bra that fits is to buy one that is comfortable.

Not all bra measurements will give you the accurate measurements. However, they will all give you an idea of where to start.