How To Apply Blush To Express Your Dazzling Beauty

Blush is an essential makeup item to express the beauty of your pretty face. It can be little bit challenging but you can make it perfect by following the tutorial. Use the right application formula and apply in the areas that complement your facial structure. Choose the color and texture that work greatly to make your blush look gorgeous.

How To Apply Blush To Express Your Dazzling Beauty

How To Apply Blush

Determining the Basics
Apply your base before your blush- start applying your foundation, then concealer, your bronzer and finish it up with your blush. Follow the process for the best result. After applying the blush move on to put on your eyebrow makeup then eye shadow, eyeliner and completing with mascara. It is essential to do this to make sure that your makeup looks balanced and stays in place where you applied.

Lightly sweep your brush with your powdered blush- if you usually use a powder, gently sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush with a blush and later tap it to remove any extras. Implement the blush to your cheeks and then use other clean brush to blend perfectly.Brush towards down at the end of blending to allow your facial hairs lie gently on your skin surface. Blend liquid blush with your finger, and while you are using a cream, dab a little on your finger. Do the color thing first and then use makeup sponge to blend in. If you want a more natural look finish the blending with a blush brush.

Blot excess with a tissue- do not use a translucent powder as it soften your blush by going over it. Hold a tissue flat against your face and lightly press makeup sponge to remove the excess. Lightly dab your cheeks with tissue while using cream blush.

Finalizing Your Face Shape with Blush
Follow some tricks according to your face shape like, apply blush in a C shape to a heart-shaped face and for a more heart- shaped face apply blush in a curved line from the top to the cheekbone. Start with soft touch and gradually increase pressure while approaching the cheekbone area. Avoid applying blush to the apples because it will make your face appear more round. Follow the opposite process for oval shaped faces. Start from the cheekbone and add a touch of blush just above the temple as well. Apply blush in a circular motion for the square face and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks.Selecting Blush
Choosing blush is an important part to apply blush. If you have got fair skin, get a baby pink, sheer plum or peach color. Light pink is considered to be the best for fairer skin tones. For your medium skin tone try an apricot or mauve color. Apricot is great for a subtle and warming effect with medium skin tones.Go for cream blush if you have a dry or organic skin because it looks dewy and feels very lightweight on skin.