Hot Tools Pink Titanium Flat Iron Review | Best Flat Iron 2018

I have one important preference about hair straightening iron and that is, it must have an auto shut off feature. I am not allowed to bring anything home that can’t help my forgetfulness. I need to make sure m­y iron will do me a favor against burning down the house. Most of the irons I has used had the feature to shut off automatically after half or one hour. The timer starts from the last time they were used and it shuts off after the period of time. So I can touch up my hair when I am leaving without restarting it and waiting to heat up. It will shut of finally after leaving the house if I forget to do so.

These hot Tools is one of the pioneer brands in the hair styling industry that offers the wide range of hair styling tools to simplify the styling with advanced flat irons to ensure that the users have the salon styled hair. In fact, the Hot Tools flat irons suggest the benefit of flexibility and precision as the use of advanced technology contributes to yield the powerful performance with incredible results. Moreover, the use of tourmaline, ceramic and titanium plates helps to provide the silky smooth hair with minimal damage and reduces frizz.

Keeping Your Heat adjustable

This product has heat controls spotted inside the housing, so you don’t hit them with your hand during the usage. It has a cool feature of shutting down automatically after an hour with 8ft power cord, led indicator and correcting temperatures dial. CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron doesn’t get too hot as like as other irons, but it might be a good thing. Some other irons in the market within this price range can be heated up to 450 degrees which is needed for some people for their hair. You can get any style what you want with this hair straightener tool.

It Stays For Long

I was more confused than nothing but the hot tools Pink Titanium Digital Salon Flat Iron. It has an auto shut down feature, but it doesn’t turn off for 10 hours. I think stylists might have it on for that long without touching it, it makes sense for professional use, but it certainly not.

Combination Plates Are A Little Confusing

Other than strangely long turn off time this product has some features that are pretty convenient. It has titanium plates that are too good to get consistent heat, but the plates are truly powered by ceramic under the titanium. I was confused about if it was a bad or good thing. I am not sure why both are included while they are two totally different approaches to getting your hair straight. If they both work individually then why would not work together.

Peace of mind is important

The biggest thing that bothers me about this product is that the hot tools manufacturer warranty is really hard to find. I always buy my straighteners on, rather than the manufacturer’s website, because I like to be able to shop around for options and compare straighteners brands.

Usually, the information of warranty displayed right there on the Pink Titanium Flat Iron listing. But, on this Hot Tools listing, it simply said “contact the manufacturer to request information on the warranty”. A pretty off-putting message for a busy girl! Perplexed, I flicked over to some of their other products to see if there was a hot tools curling iron warranty and, again, I got same answer.

I am yet to find the answer to whether there is a hot straightener warranty or not. But, at the price, I suppose it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t last for all the time.

Less Wear And Tear for the Hair You Wear

This straightening product has a cool feature that it will give coverage to stop problems with chipping, rusting or eroding because of the chemicals applied during the straightening process of your hair. It is so friendly to use a lot of product to protect their hair and when you’re trying to protect your hair without damaging your iron.

You can lock the buttons

Many irons in the market have a rounded body and plates closer, but the buttons are on the outside and surely this is a problem when you’re holding the iron with the buttons. Theproducer has made arrangements for this, and the buttons can be locked while using it. I won’t take risk turning it too high and finish up burning my hair.

So, As an example, if you are a barber and you need to heat up your straightening machine for long. Then you are going to need a hair straightener which has the button to lock down the process and you may get the product easily. Cause the product has the option to lock down the heat.

You can use it as a curler

I truly believe that the trend of curling your hair with a curler is gone. With the right set of flat irons, you can cut down on the number of the tools you need by using the flat iron for curling as well as straightening.

The perfect curling dimensions for this machine are one inch plates and this straightener not only meets that criteria, it also has a few other features which make curling easier. The Hot Tools Pink Titanium features slightly rounded edges on the floating plates which make it easy to curl, narrow housing so that nothing’s in the way and less gap between the plates and the housing to prevent snagging as you curl.

If you’ve ever wondered that what is better ceramic or titanium curling iron? The answer must be  titanium. Not only is this material best for straightening hair, the increased negative ions get rid of frizz to leave you with smooth, glossy curls which last far longer this material is also perfect for curling too.

Lots of people ask me how to curl hair with a flat iron. And it works in exactly the same way as any other hair type: Starting from the roots, catch a section of hair, flip the hair around the flat irons and then pull slowly down through the section. The key of being able to curl black hair with flat irons really is the material you choose.

Regardless of your hair type, if you’re after a flat iron that you can use for different occasional straightening or curling as the mood strikes you, The Hot Tools Pink Titanium flat iron is an excellent choice. If you’re thinking more for daily styling, I’d recommend stepping up to a more professional model. I have a lot of reviews of professional straighteners for you to choose from if you’d like to take a look.

Round fora Reason

The plates on this iron are rounded at the sides that are pretty cool way to ensure you don’t get crimps in your hair while using it. You can use your straightening iron to curl your hair and yes! It is easier to do so. It is too simple to straighten your hair with these elements.

Good at Pushing Buttons

Of course it is a good feature that you can lock the iron to keep the temperature unchanged. It is still annoying to hit the buttons while you’re using itand when they beep. Many users like me are unhappy with such a design of this product. The product is very much a useful for you.


-It heats up faster and works perfectly for you.

– It reaches the heat where it supposed to.

– It varies the heat.

-It has the function of auto shutting off.

-It has perfect body and usefulfacilities for its customer.

– You will find the product cheaper in the market. Or Amazon Or eBay.

-It has six months warranty.

– It has different types of color combination like black, purple, Pink etc.

-It will also curl.


-You may need a hair straightening gel while doing the straightening process.

– There are no battery system in the Product , so You may need to do the plug in. It may cause problem for you.

– While buying the product you may need to do some Bargaining with the seller of the product.

This hair straightening iron is not so expensive and that’s a really good thing. Some people say it died well before that and some are not satisfied as the heat doesn’t reach the limit. This product is overall good for normal use and I suggest you to use this product for your home but not for advance or professional use.

Hot Tools Pink Titanium Flat Iron Review