The Best Hair Straightening Brushes Review : Find The Best One

We all want sleek, silky, straight hair, right? The main reason why we are reviewing the best hair straightening brushes of 2016 in the first place. Indeed, the new innovative styling products have now made it relatively easier to achieve shinny, straight hair in record-breaking fashion, and you need not even worry about your hair type while at it. In fact, all you need to do is simply brush your hair as you normally would, while it does all the straightening; regardless of how wavy or curly, your hair is. Well, it was about time we moved on from conventional flat irons and the frizzy effects pegged to using these time-tested products.

Reviewing the Best Hair Straightening Brushes – 2016:

As you would expect, straightening brushes differ greatly when it comes to size, design, power and features entailed. Some even will allow you to technically develop curls in your hair if you so wish – how cool is that? Yes, these babies are just that good – especially if you happen to find the perfect match that complements your hair texture. With all the premium brands, fancy features and powerful models available, how then can you pin-point the perfect product for optimal results? Well, let’s have a look at the best hair straightening brushes of 2016 to narrow your options.

Our Pick – The Apalis Hair Straightening Brush:

The Apalus brush certainly deserves the top spot for a number of good reasons. For starters, it is the only brush that impeccably straightens and smoothens your hair – and in record-breaking fashion. The Apalis brush has it all regardless of being a standard product that performs exceptionally well at doing what it is meant to – straighten your hair. When it comes to power, the Apalus packs enough heat to tame the wildest hair.

Thanks to three pre-programmed heat control settings – 365 degrees for delicate hair, 410 degrees for naturally textured hair and 450 degrees for wavy, thick hair – the Apalus will straighten hair in a matter of seconds. To break it down, it only requires ten seconds per pass, for the wildest hair types. The best part, though, has to be the budget-friendly price tag. In a nutshell, it is the best, affordable hair straightening brush you can currently get your hands on. For safe measure, it comes with a one-hour auto shutoff – a thoughtful safety features indeed.

Runner up – Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush:

The one thing that distinguishes the USpicy brush from the competition is how well it strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and efficiency. For starters, it is simply eye-candy, and you can hardly find a better looking hair brush with elegant LED Temp display to cap it. While it boasts as many as seven different temperature settings, it is one of the easiest straightening brushes to use.

It is really effective on all hair types, and you need not worry about whether or not it will pass through your thick hair thanks to the super thin bristles. Similar to the above product, it also boasts the helpful auto shutoff feature to keep accidents at bay. The USpicy hair straightening brush is a best seller in its niche and for good reason. If you are looking for a do-it-all brush, this is certainly your safest bet.

On a Budget Option – The Asavea Hair Straightening Brush:

At just under $35, the Asavea is one of the cheapest brushes you can find, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of low quality by all means. In fact, it is one of the fastest straightening brushes around thanks to several temperature controls and fast heating capabilities. All in all, it also boasts of a new anti-scald technology and effective PTC ceramic heat components. However, it only has a max temperature of 365 degrees, meaning it is not the way to go for those with extra thick, wavy hair.

The Best Hair Straightening Brushes Review