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There is no confusion that hair straighteners are commonly used and the most popular styling tools in the world.  You can get a new look instantly both men and women by simply changing your hair style by using hair straightener for men and women.  However, it is thought that hair straightener means a styling tool for women, but now –a- days men are equally addicted to this tool. Hair straightener for men is designed quite differently than women as men have very short hair.  If you are looking for hair straightener for men read on this article, read here you will get detailed information about hair straightener for men. .

Kinds Of Hair Straightener For Men

There are three kinds of hair straighteners available for men are available in the market. They are:

  • Hair products
  • Blow dryer
  • Flat iron
  • natural hair straightening

Hair Products

If you want to straighten your hair without heat or any hair straightener you can use hair products. It is widely used hair straightener for men products. It is quite easy to use and saves your time rather than any other hair straightener  for men. This type of hair straightening product is manufactured mainly thinking about the short hair. Usually there are two types of hair products that are available in the market what is mainly formulated for men. They are –oily and non oily. The oily hair products are formulated with petroleum and non oily hair products are based silicon products. All that you need to do apply the cream on your damp hair and then comb it well. The most useful things of this product is it has no side effects and suitable for all types of hair. The effects of this cream last until you don’t rinse it off. After every wash you need to repeat the same job to get straighten hair. Men like this product the most because of its easier use and quicken result. The only side effect of this product is it catches more dirt than usually any products as it is oily content. Men are simple creatures and we choose to simplify all aspects of man’s lives from dieting to grooming. When it comes to hair straightener for men a hair dryer isn’t exactly we ever consider. Adding another step to your after bath routine. A hair comb and some top of the line hair products might be necessary to achieve your signature look. you can use many types of products like cream shampoo or others. read below to learn more.

There are many hair straightening cream for men to control the curls and help your hair smoothen. There are two kinds of straighteners permanent and temporary. Permanent creams are chemical straightening products and they can stay up to three month. Temporary cream may stay one or two days or as much as you want. Hair thickness and manageability control many things. For an example lightly wavy hair might need regular cream for smoother hair. However if you have got some frizzy hair or not you can use any types of cream.

when you don’t have time to use flat iron regularly  and don’t want to use regularly you can find some alternatives to get straight locks. You can get benefit from straightening shampoos for moisturizer and anti frizz ingredients. Choosing a top straightening shampoo will get the job done for you. You can do it at your shower or best if you get help from others. Find the best shampoo for you.

Blow Dryers
Blow dryer is another popular hair straightener for men. Through this tool you can straighten your hair easily. It is seen that while your hair is wet, it seems quite straight and later it becomes curly as it dried out. The reason behind this fact is connection of protein and water. The interrelation between water and protein keep your hair straight. You can also get this finer content if you use a blow dryer to dry your hair and it is for longer time. To do this job all that you need to do is section your hair at first by using a comb. Then blow your dryer to dry you hair. Complete each section properly then jump to others. After completing entire hair then give a finishing blow. This way of hair straightening for male is perfect for those who have silky hair, but for those who have curly hair it is not the right ways to go.

Benefits of using blow dryer

  • Creates a volume effect- if you dry your hair from the roots to upwards that will show fuller hair.
  • Dries hair much faster- when you are in a hurry blow dryers do a great job than air drying it.
  • Lays foundation for hairstyling- using a blow dryer for some time will help prevent the oily or greasy look. For a paste to be more effective you need to style in dry fashion.
  • No more salon treatments- your money will be saved and the time too.
  • Straightens your strands- you can straighten or uncurl your hair with the help if a god conditioner and hair brush.

Flat Irons

This is the most influential hair device for men. It has become a common styling tool that you can get in men wardrobe. You can get this straightening device with different plate size what is mainly designed considering men’s hair style. You can use this tool both for thicker or finer hair. The ideal size of this tool is 1.1 cm what is appropriate for hair straightening for men. This tool is usually light in weight what make it easy to use, and its thinner plate width helps to straighten any sort of hair. But for curly and thick hair the best size to go is   2.4 cm. it will help you to do work quickly. This type of hair straightener for men can be easily carried out as it is very small in size also some are found in cordless. That is why men prefer this tool the most. However, it has proved quite harmful for hair. As it produced so much heat, it can damage your hair moisture and makes your hair dull and lifeless.

Do a blow out on your hair after the shower. Towel dry your hair and use a comb to brush across the sculp. Use round barreled brush for the blow out to prevent your hair from blowing all over the place. If you’re having trouble, ask your hairstylist to help you out. You may find it difficult to do at first. All the powerful flat iron isn’t just for the girls to use. Flat iron work with heat by heating up the two very hot ceramic plates making your hair ultra-straight. Flat irons range in temperature and size. you should choose a flat iron that is 1 inch wide or smaller if you have short hair and gets the temperature above 350 degrees. Don’t hold the flat iron on a section of hair for longer than 3 to 5 seconds. If you want to get straight hair blast your head with the blow dryer. Always be careful while using blow dryer cause it may damage your hair or scalp.

Natural hair straightening

if you like to avoid using any chemical ingredients or any heat product for hair straightening you can go for the natural hair straightening method. If you like to get sleek hair and considering a permanent hair straightening treatment you may give a final thought with natural hair straightening treatments before you make an expenditure on blow dryer and flat iron. Natural hair straightening is very popular among the girls and you can adopt any of them for you. Consider natural hair straightening treatments instead as they are highly cost-effective and do not have any side effects or cause any worry to damage from harsh chemicals. There are many process off natural hair straightening and you can choose any of them. Some of them are Organic Protein Treatment, Salon Streaming Treatment, Agave Nectar Smoothing Gel, Olive oil with egg, Milk spray and others.

here we have tried to provide you some ideas about Best Hair Straightener For Men. hope it will be very useful for you.

Best Hair Straightener For Men